07-18-2019 Public Notices and Want Ads

FOR SALE RYE…for cover crops, call 269-591-5737. (7-18, 7-25, 8-1, 8-8-2019 TCR)

WANTED TO BUY OLD STRAWBERRY…picking carriers, grape lugs, antique advertising items, old gas station stuff. Call 269-591-5737. (7-18, 7-25, 8-1, 8-8-2019 TCR)

FOR RENT PARTIALLY FURNISHED…Ranch house in Coloma (washer, dryer, stove & refrigerator included) 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, TV room, enclosed Florida room, 2 car garage. $900.00/mo; plus $900.00 S.D., plus $200.00 non-refundable cleaning fee, call 269-519-4488. (7-11, 7-18-2019 TCR)

FOR SALE 2 LOTS…at North Shore Memory Gardens in the “Garden of Love” $2,000 for both. Call 904-859-2447. (7-11, 7-18-2019 TCR)

LAWN MOWING SERVICE ABLE LAWN…by Ethan Whitney call 269-519-0623. (7-11, 7-18-2019 TCR)

HELP WANTED Activity Director Now taking applications for full-time Activity Director at our Coloma location. Candidates must possess the following qualifications: * Have a love for the Senior population * Must be energetic & have a bubbly personality * Must be creative (decorating, arts & crafts) * Must have WORD & EXCEL knowledge * Must have a valid driver’s license * Must be able to pass a criminal background check * Interact with other departments This candidate will be responsible for, but not limited to; designing and putting together the monthly calendars & newsletters. Make sure entertainment is scheduled. Being creative with games, and activities to keep our residents engaged. Will also take residents out on field trips to local restaurants and shopping centers. If this sounds like you, then stop by to fill out an application today. 6786 Red Arrow Hwy. Coloma, MI 49038 (7-11, 7-18-2019 TCR)

LIEN SALE THE FOLLOWING UNITS – have been taken under possession by Sparkle U-Stor-It for lack of payment. These units will be auctioned on August 1, 2019 if the Tenant fails to claim unit. THE AUCTION WILL BE HELD ON-LINE AT WWW.STORAGEBATTLES.COM Nicole Eadie, Rockford, MI Unit C603 Jefferey Peek, Coloma, MI Unit C103 Iglesia Rey de Reyes, Hartford, MI Unit C117 Angela Cornelius, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 321 Deborah Dahms, Stevensville, MI Unit 195 Jason Gillespie Sr., Detroit, MI Unit 420 Larry A. Jones, Benton Harbor, MI Units 110, 211 Damon Murphy, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 392 Theresa Patterson, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 492 Maynard Rose, Coloma, MI Unit 182 (7-18-2019 TCR)

CITY OF WATERVLIET PUBLIC NOTICE The 2019 summer tax bills reflect incorrect millage amounts for Watervliet City and the Police and Fire Departments resulting in an overstatement of the tax amount due. In most cases this amount is less than $5.00. As a result taxpayers whose payments have already been entered into the county database will receive a refund. Tax payments that have yet to be entered are being returned. All taxpayers should receive corrected bills by July 26, 2019. The bill will clearly state CORRECTED BILL. We apologize for this inconvenience. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Watervliet City Hall accordingly. (7-18, 7-25-2019 TCR)

SYNOPSIS COLOMA CHARTER TOWNSHIP REGULAR MEETING July 10, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. Present: Parrigin, Kraemer, Willmeng, Fulton, Howell, Duffield, Harper. Approved Consent agenda and June Board minutes. Approved Bills $355,536.67 Approved Parks & Recreation Committee to work with LaGrow Consulting on 5-year plan. Adjourned at 8:06 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Sandy Kraemer Coloma Charter Township Clerk (7-18-2019 TCR)

BAINBRIDGE TOWNSHIP REGULAR BOARD MEETING July 8th, 2019 SYNOPSIS 1. Called to order @ 7:00 p.m. by Supervisor, B. Hodge Present: B. Hodge, P. Hiler-Molter, N. Weber, J. Yetzke, D. Baiers Absent: None 2. Approved June 10th, 2019 minutes as written and consent agenda 3. Approved payment of bills/payroll totaling $76,752.18 4. Received public safety and departmental reports. 5. Adopted Ordinance 49 S 6. Approved Resolution for Zoning Ordinance 49 R Ammendments 7. Approved 3 year term appointments for Planning Commission: D. Kreitner, D. Baiers & J. Doroh 8. Approved 3 year term appointments for Zoning Board of Appeals: N. Weber and P. Zaluckyj Meeting adjourned at p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Patty Hiler-Molter Township Clerk (7-18-2019 TCR)

CITY OF WATERVLIET PUBLIC NOTICE Starting on July 29, 2019, representatives of the city will be conducting routine home inspections of the water/sewer piping system for the purpose of observation and data collection. This data will be used to install, repair, and provide maintenance towards future projects involving the city’s water, sewer, and storm-water systems. This data is instrumental in helping to provide safe use of service while also ensuring that our system is well maintained. These inspections will be conducted during normal business hours (9am-5pm, M-F) and are planned to conclude by September 30, 2019. The City requests that property owners/tenants allow city representatives to enter their homes during this time as provided in Chapter 54, Article III, Division 2, Sec. 54-103 and Chapter 54, Article IV, Division 1, Sec. 54-173 of the Watervliet Code of Ordinances. For any questions, comments, or concerns, please call Watervliet City Hall at 269-463-6769.

Sincerely, R. Tyler Dotson City Manager (7-18, 7-25-2019 TCR)

CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF WATERVLIET, MICHIGAN NOTICE OF ORDINANCE ADOPTION TO THE RESIDENTS AND PROPERTY OWNERS OF WATERVLIET CHARTER TOWNSHIP AND ALL OTHER INTERESTED PERSONS. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Watervliet Charter Township Board will consider the adoption of the Michigan Gas Utilities Franchise Ordinance No. 87 at their August 19, 2019 regular board meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Watervliet Charter Township Hall located at 4959 M-140 Highway, Watervliet, Michigan. The proposed ordinance was accepted for first reading at the July 15, 2019 regular meeting. Below is a summary of the entire ordinance. Header: This contains the purpose of the franchise agreement, the title of the ordinance, the duration of the ordinance and ordination. Section I – Granting of Franchise. This section grants the franchise to Michigan Gas Utilities and specifies the specific areas and specific infrastructure needed for the company to conduct business within the Township. Section II – Non-Disturbance of Public Travel, Restoration, Construction and Maintenance. This section stipulates that during the installation and/or repair of the company’s infrastructure, they will interfere as little as possible with public travel and will install safety barriers, lights and signs for public safety. Section III – Hold Harmless. This section holds the Township harmless from any loss, damage and expense of any kind on account of the laying, constructing, maintenance, and use of said infrastructure. Section IV – Rates Established by Michigan Public Service Commission. The rates to be charged by the company and all rules of service shall be those which are established from time to time by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Section V – Term, Effective Date. This section states that the term of this franchise agreement shall be for a period of 30 years and shall commence the day following the date of publication of this ordinance. Section VI – Franchise Revocable, Irrevocability Upon Approval of Electors. This section states that the franchise agreement shall be revocable at the will of the Township provided, however, that the agreement shall become irrevocable if and when confirmed by a majority of the electors voting upon the question at the next general election or at any special election called for that purpose. The special election shall be held at the request of the gas company. Section VII – Expenses of Election Paid by Grantee. This section states that if the gas company requests a special election they will pa