07-19-2018 Letters and Commentary

We are supporting Pauline Wendzel for State Representative

Dear Editor,

Michigan’s future involves the resolve of many pressing issues. Examples of such issues are roads, bridges, job training, and opportunities for the future. It also involves the care network for our seniors and veterans. We are also facing some very difficult times in our agricultural industry.

There are good choices for State Representative in the 79th District, but one candidate is taking hold of resolving all of these very important issues. She comes from many generations of those dedicated to improving the agricultural industry. We need someone with Pauline’s background to have a vision for the future of agriculture.

We believe Pauline will work hard to find funding for our roads and bridges. She has studied the state budget and knows the importance this area has for Southwest Michigan. She believes in family and country and will support our brave veterans and their families.

The August 7 election is very important. Pauline Wendzel believes in future opportunities for all people. She is an energetic person who has run a very positive campaign. She knocks on doors to discuss the solutions for the issues we are all facing. She deserves our support.

In addition, Pauline has received the following endorsements: exclusively by Michigan Farm Bureau/AgriPac and Southwestern Michigan Association of Realtors and Michigan Realtors. She has also been endorsed by: Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM); received the stamp of approval from the Small Business Association of Michigan, Michigan Right to LifePAC and Corn Growers of Association Michigan.

We are supporting Pauline Wendzel for State Representative on Tuesday, August 7. We hope you join us with a decision to do the same.

Randy and Linda Willmeng, Watervliet

Pauline Wendzel supports job & population growth in the 79th District

Dear Editor,

Job growth and population growth are two of the biggest challenges facing the Southwest Michigan economy today. A key strategic element to achieving this goal is to develop SW MI’s ability to attract and retain young people to our area. I have only heard of one candidate in the race for 79th District State Representative that is talking about this important issue. That candidate is Pauline Wendzel.

Pauline Wendzel’s background in farming with her family in Bainbridge Township has provided her with a strong perspective on both hard work and the sacrifices necessary to achieve success. Growing up in this agricultural environment has also instilled a deep love for our district and Southwest Michigan in Pauline. After she graduated from Michigan State University, Pauline came back home to serve her community. She worked as the Program Director for the North Berrien Historical Museum; educating future generations about the heritage of Southwest Michigan. She served in the Bainbridge Township Clerk’s office, and she is now part of a successful family business that has employed hundreds of people in northern Berrien County.

It is Pauline’s love and understanding of our history, along with her many accomplishments, that has provided this talented, young woman a vision for this area’s future. She is running for State Representative to make our area the best place in Michigan to raise a family and build a business. Even more importantly, Pauline Wendzel will work to put policies in place that will encourage families to move to, remain and grow, right here in Southwest Michigan. Creating an environment for more jobs and better paychecks will mean our kids and grandkids can be part of the place we call home.

I have known Pauline and her family for over 20 years. Community service, education and economic development have all been at the core of what Pauline and the Wendzel family stand for. Pauline Wendzel is the clear choice to serve us in Lansing. Please join me, my friends and family and Win With Wendzel in the Republican primary on August 7.

Bill Spaulding, Watervliet

Denying asylum seekers equals death sentence for many

Dear Editor,

Church leaders are understandably compassionate but spouting Biblical passages does not dictate morality. Turning back asylum seekers is a death sentence for many from Guatemala, El Salvadore, etc. Father Martin said it best.

My two cents,

Ed Belfy, Paw Paw

P.S. Hagenbarth must have been referring to a different publication. Good job Karl.

Pauline Wendzel is the next generation leadership

Dear Editor,

In coffee shops across Southwest Michigan, you hear folks say – where is the next generation of leadership going to come from?  Why don’t more young people step up?  How come our kids aren’t involved?

In August, we have a chance to support a young woman who is not only answering the call, but has the “right stuff.”  I remember seeing Pauline Wendzel growing up and graduating from Watervliet High School.  She then graduated from Michigan State before coming back to Southwest Michigan.  Now she is doing something that certainly isn’t easy – she is putting her name on the ballot to be the next 79th District State Representative, representing northern Berrien County.

Pauline is not afraid of hard work, having grown up as part of a fourth generation farm family.  She is also part of a small family business.  Pauline Wendzel is that next generation of leadership.  In politics these days, Pauline has something that is in short supply.  She has common sense.  She has strong conservative values and she is not afraid to lead.  That’s the type of person we need at the State Capitol.

I am proud to support Pauline Wendzel for State Representative.  On August 7th, I hope you will vote for the next generation of conservative leadership for Berrien County and Michigan.  I believe Pauline Wendzel will do a great job and bring the best of the Southwest to Lansing.

Carol Stockman, St. Joseph

Heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the fantastic Watervliet Independence Weekend Celebration

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Watervliet Business Association, I would like to give thanks to everyone who made this year’s Independence Day weekend festival a complete success. So many of these volunteers started the process of planning, in January, by having meetings and taking action to line up events.

First Tom Gear and Mary Spaulding, thanks for always being willing to tackle any new idea! Your time and dedication most often goes unrecognized, but we appreciate both of you.  The Drive-in-Movie night was awesome and we can’t wait to do it again. Mary, the vendor job isn’t an easy task but you handled it great, making sure all of our vendors knew where and when to be set up. Thank you for bringing the carnival back this year!

Tom, your voice announcing many events is a welcome sound and we all look forward to your professionalism each year.

Arica Angelo and your team of Duck slayers, you all nailed it this year selling more ducks than we have in the past! The City and committee appreciate your efforts.

Mike & Kristy Noack, thanks again for sponsoring the Vintage Base Ball game with the House of David Echoes. This has become one of the many returning events that people look forward to every year.

Rochelle Ulleg and Sherri Ulleg from Robert Michael Salon chaired both parades this year. Thanks to you both with Anna Layer, the kiddies’ parade was a great addition to this year’s festival and we’re sure it will be a huge hit in the future.

Elizabeth Eggert also from Robert Michael chaired Little Mr. & Miss Firecracker again this year adding the cutest baby contests to Friday night, “Little Red, White & Blue and Baby Independence”. Once again the stage was full, thanks Liz for your efforts!

Special thanks for Chief Dan Jones and the Watervliet Fire Department for all they have done to make our festival a success. From letting us hold meetings monthly at the fire station, hanging the banner downtown and problem solving the event weekend. We appreciated all of your willingness to try and make this event a success!

Chief Tim Sutherland, thanks for keeping the streets manned with extra help and guiding our parade down Main Street.

Beth and Ben Wagner from B&B Grocery once again chaired the Ping-Pong Ball Drop getting some 4,000 ping-pong balls donated providing a great free event for the kids.

Thanks to Pam Quinn for the FREE kid zone. It was hopping with a new Kiddy City Tricycle Town! The climbing rock wall and face painting are always a crowd pleaser. Thanks also to the Watervliet Varsity Cheer Squad for donating their time helping at this event.

Les Fairbanks for another awesome care show, we thank you and anyone else this year involved with it, it’s a great asset to our festival and gets better every year!

Jeff Allen and all the City public works employees, WOW! you guys really stepped up this year. With all the added new events, it puts some strain on our little town, but you never would have noticed because everything looked great.

Arclight Brewery for hosting the Beer & Bags Tourney this year! We appreciate your dedication to Watervliet and hope to make that event bigger and better next year.

And to anyone we may have missed that helped in some way, we appreciate you and your willingness to support this awesome community!

The WBA hopes that everyone enjoyed this year’s festival and look forward to providing the community another awesome event next year. As always, volunteers are needed to keep adding events so please, if you are interested in participating, watch for meeting notices in the Tri-City Record in the future.


Amy Loshbough

Committee Member

COLLECTORS OF ANTIQUES SOUGHT… Local antique collectors (some might say hoarders) have an opportunity to appear on the American Picker series shown on the History Channel. I’m including the press release from the program producers because I suspect the biggest and best collections may be owned by local folks that don’t have cable TV. Unfortunately, some of the classic antique and collector’s shops, like Bob’s Hobby and Collectors Shop in Watervliet are excluded from participating on the show by the show rules. AMERICAN PICKERS to film in Michigan: Show hosts Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and their team are excited to return to Michigan. They plan to film episodes of the hit series AMERICAN PICKERS throughout the region in September 2018. AMERICAN PICKERS is a documentary series that explores the fascinating world of antique “picking” on History. The hit show follows Mike and Frank, two of the most skilled pickers in the business, as they hunt for America’s most valuable antiques. They are always excited to find sizeable, unique collections and learn the interesting stories behind them. As they hit the back roads from coast to coast, Mike and Frank are on a mission to recycle and rescue forgotten relics. Along the way, the Pickers want to meet characters with remarkable and exceptional items. The pair hopes to give historically significant objects a new lease on life, while learning a thing or two about America’s past along the way. Mike and Frank have seen a lot of rusty gold over the years and are always looking to discover something they’ve never seen before. They are ready to find extraordinary items and hear fascinating tales about them. AMERICAN PICKERS is looking for leads and would love to explore your hidden treasure. If you or someone you know has a large, private collection or accumulation of antiques that the Pickers can spend the better part of the day looking through, call 1-855-653-7878.

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE… please note there is a special email address for placing public notices, official minutes, court notices and such for publication in the Tri-City Record. It is publicnotices.tricityrecord@gmail.com.

SOMETIMES BIGGER IS BETTER… Most times bigger is not better for rural communities… bigger stores, bigger communications, bigger government means smaller population areas get passed over when it comes to the better service and lower costs. In many cases, if there’s anything that will come from “bigger is better” for the smaller Main Street community it is more vacant stores and higher taxes for those that choose to serve their hometown. In my experience, that’s not been the case with Lakeland Health. Admittedly I was, as a Watervliet Community Hospital Board member, at first opposed to any affiliation with Lakeland and then came to the conclusion that it could be a good thing. Keep in mind this was in the late 20th century (doesn’t that seem a long time ago). Since that time, Lakeland Health has remodeled our hospital and repurposed much of it while maintaining local emergency, walk-in and laboratory services. Lakeland Hospital, Watervliet is an integral and active part of the Lakeland health care system and by its’ huge investment in the staffing and buildings is ensuring a long-time commitment to the Tri-City Area. It now appears Lakeland Health is increasing its service commitment to the entire region by entering into an affiliation agreement with Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids. Such an agreement will afford Southwest Michigan patients the increased opportunity of having life-saving procedures performed that are not currently available at Lakeland. On a personal note, Anne and I have enjoyed exceptional care and outcomes within the Lakeland systems. It is a convenience to see our local doctor and then have specialists nearby to continue treatment. Anne’s hip replacement surgery was ordered and planned at the Coloma Clinic and then performed at the Watervliet hospital. My open heart was ordered here in Watervliet by Dr. Brooks with the pre-surgery and surgery completed in St. Joe. Folks with similar experiences have gone out of their way to tell us how much they appreciate the medical expertise and follow-up care by the Lakeland staff and their affiliates. It seems bigger is better when it comes to health care.

Wrong assumptions If we could rewrite the history books to say that America was once inhabited by aliens from Venus, and that they used to levitate heavy stuff and that’s how the Grand Canyon got dug, within a generation that fake history would be universally believed. Only intervention by the truth can stop such lies. If we were to stop teaching the Bible in our churches and instead represent our experiences as the basis of truth, teaching that Jesus Christ was just a good guy and that a loving God would never send anyone to Hell, within a generation that fake history would also be universally believed. Only intervention by the truth can stop such lies. But where are the interveners? What is lost when lies are taught in our history classes? The basis of a nation. What is lost when lies are taught from the pulpit? The basis of salvation. Satan loves all lies. Lies build his kingdom. Only the truth builds God’s kingdom. Just as we must hold writers of history books accountable to present unspun truth, we must hold pastors accountable to present unspun truth as well. If macho Venusites dug the Grand Canyon in three weeks (I just added that because I could), then David was the King of Disneyworld (I just made that up too, but it doesn’t matter, because if I say it enough people will believe it.) We wrongly “assume” that virtually everyone knows John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” That truth is being lost to the next generation. Where are the interveners? How do we intervene? By sharing the truth, and insisting that the truth be shared from the pulpit. For that, we need to rediscover the Bible and know the truth ourselves. Don’t let lies prevail.

Access Social Security’s Educator Toolkit With so many students gone for the summer, teachers may now have time to prepare a different kind of lesson plan. Help students prepare a better future for themselves with practical knowledge about financial planning. There’s no better time to let young people know that the younger they start saving, the easier it will be to reach their goals. Let us introduce you to the Social Security Educator Toolkit. This is a rich resource for teachers and advocates. Our Information for Educators page contains a toolkit with information and resources to educate and engage students on Social Security. It includes: Two lesson plans with objectives; infographics and handouts for each lesson plan; links to Social Security webpages; talking points; and quiz questions and answers. It’s important for students to understand why Social Security was created and why it is essential to their lives today and in the future. This knowledge and understanding will provide students a strong base on which to build their financial future. You can access the webpage and toolkit at www.socialsecurity.gov/ thirdparty/educators.html. Young workers can also see how Social Security directly relates to them at www.socialsecurity.gov/people/students. Getting young people excited about saving can be a somewhat abstract subject. Let them know their dreams can be achieved with thoughtful planning and a bit of discipline. Social Security is securing today and tomorrow with your help and the help of today’s educated youth. We’re also always here for you if you need information about programs and benefits. Visit us anytime at www.socialsecurity.gov. Vonda VanTil is the Public Affairs Specialist for West Michigan. You can write her c/o Social Security Administration, 3045 Knapp NE, Grand Rapids MI 49525 or via email at vonda.vantil@ssa.gov.


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