07-19-2018 Letters and Commentary

We are supporting Pauline Wendzel for State Representative

Dear Editor,

Michigan’s future involves the resolve of many pressing issues. Examples of such issues are roads, bridges, job training, and opportunities for the future. It also involves the care network for our seniors and veterans. We are also facing some very difficult times in our agricultural industry.

There are good choices for State Representative in the 79th District, but one candidate is taking hold of resolving all of these very important issues. She comes from many generations of those dedicated to improving the agricultural industry. We need someone with Pauline’s background to have a vision for the future of agriculture.

We believe Pauline will work hard to find funding for our roads and bridges. She has studied the state budget and knows the importance this area has for Southwest Michigan. She believes in family and country and will support our brave veterans and their families.

The August 7 election is very important. Pauline Wendzel believes in future opportunities for all people. She is an energetic person who has run a very positive campaign. She knocks on doors to discuss the solutions for the issues we are all facing. She deserves our support.

In addition, Pauline has received the following endorsements: exclusively by Michigan Farm Bureau/AgriPac and Southwestern Michigan Association of Realtors and Michigan Realtors. She has also been endorsed by: Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM); received the stamp of approval from the Small Business Association of Michigan, Michigan Right to LifePAC and Corn Growers of Association Michigan.

We are supporting Pauline Wendzel for State Representative on Tuesday, August 7. We hope you join us with a decision to do the same.

Randy and Linda Willmeng, Watervliet

Pauline Wendzel supports job & population growth in the 79th District

Dear Editor,

Job growth and population growth are two of the biggest challenges facing the Southwest Michigan economy today. A key strategic element to achieving this goal is to develop SW MI’s ability to attract and retain young people to our area. I have only heard of one candidate in the race for 79th District State Representative that is talking about this important issue. That candidate is Pauline Wendzel.

Pauline Wendzel’s background in farming with her family in Bainbridge Township has provided her with a strong perspective on both hard work and the sacrifices necessary to achieve success. Growing up in this agricultural environment has also instilled a deep love for our district and Southwest Michigan in Pauline. After she graduated from Michigan State University, Pauline came back home to serve her community. She worked as the Program Director for the North Berrien Historical Museum; educating future generations about the heritage of Southwest Michigan. She served in the Bainbridge Township Clerk’s office, and she is now part of a successful family business that has employed hundreds of people in northern Berrien County.

It is Pauline’s love and understanding of our history, along with her many accomplishments, that has provided this talented, young woman a vision for this area’s future. She is running for State Representative to make our area the best place in Michigan to raise a family and build a business. Even more importantly, Pauline Wendzel will work to put policies in place that will encourage families to move to, remain and grow, right here in Southwest Michigan. Creating an environment for more jobs and better paychecks will mean our kids and grandkids can be part of the place we call home.

I have known Pauline and her family for over 20 years. Community service, education and economic development have all been at the core of what Pauline and the Wendzel family stand for. Pauline Wendzel is the clear choice to serve us in Lansing. Please join me, my friends and family and Win With Wendzel in the Republican primary on August 7.

Bill Spaulding, Watervliet

Denying asylum seekers equals death sentence for many

Dear Editor,

Church leaders are understandably compassionate but spouting Biblical passages does not dictate morality. Turning back asylum seekers is a death