07-25-2019 Top Notch Physiques-A gym for everyone

Top Notch Physiques – A gym for everyone

By Teresa Smithers Less than four years ago Tim Perdue became the owner of a small gym in Coloma. Since then, he has transformed it into a large, well-run and well-supplied gym with its main goal that of meeting the needs of its clientele (which has grown from around 50 to over 400). Feeling a need to work out and unable to find a gym nearby that fit both his wallet and his work schedule, he decided it was time to open his own gym as a way of helping the community while working his full-time day job.

LEG PRESS DEMO… New member Grady demonstrates the leg press while Top Notch owners, Tim and Sally Perdue, look on in just one room full of equipment. Says Grady, “I’m new here and I am really pleased with this place.” (TCR photo by Teresa Smithers)

At Top Notch Physiques, it’s pay-as-you-go. For locals that want to commit to their health, the gym offers month-to-month, 3-months, 6-months and one-year prepaid membership plans that start as low as $30. There are no start-up fees or cancellation fees. For those out-of-town visitors to Paw Paw Lake who want to keep up their exercise regimens, they offer day passes, weekend and weekly rates along with punch cards that can be used whenever visitors are in the area during business hours (they never expire). Day passes are just $6. And on top of all that, Top Notch Physiques is currently offering a membership special – buy 5 months, get an additional 7 months free. How is that for a deal? What does someone get for their money? Well, wow! Take a tour and be impressed. Not only does Top Notch Physiques have exercise equipment, but they also have a personal trainer and body builder on staff (ask for Mike). They have a boxing/ wrestling ring. They have CrossFit equipment, weights, Kickboxing, Zumba, cardio-drumming and other classes that cost the price of a day pass. All members get 24-hour access to the gym to fit their schedule. Customers can go when it is convenient for them. Work out alone or with others. Whether working on cardio or strength training with weights or one just wants to lose a few pounds, everyone can work out comfortably and safely. “Sometimes couples come in and work out together,” Tim said. “Then they each go off and do their own thing for a bit.” There’s also a sauna for those who like the benefits of heat therapy. There are even free pieces of candy for anyone feeling a need for a sugar rush, and bottled water is on the honor system. Vending machines and tanning beds are in the plans along with a small theatre room and much more.

With Top Notch Physiques there is no longer an excuse not to exercise.