08-01-2019 Gala-T’s chef is back home in Hartford; Coloma Library welcomes Harrison as new directo

Gala-T’s chef is back home in Hartford

By Jon Bisnett After age 50 it’s safe to say most of us can use a little patching up around the seams and the iconic Pizza Chef in Hartford is certainly no different. Gala-T-Inn owner Ken Jones, with the help of his crew and a U-Haul trailer, loaded up the chef back in mid-April for the trip to his birthplace in Sparta, Wisconsin; home of the Fast Corporation for a total makeover & refurbishment. Ken inherited the chef in 2004, when following a successful career in the beer business with OK Distributing he purchased the business from Dave Galati.

Standing some 9-feet tall and weighing around 300 pounds, the fiberglass chef had been largely untouched for many years. He did suffer a cracked arm a few years back, thanks to a piece of construction equipment. That repair was handled by a local fiberglass shop. This time around Ken sought out the original vendor who created the chef. Fast Corporation is a fascinating business that specializes in the creation and refurbishment of a multitude of advertising figures including some very recognizable names like Big Boy, the Hard Rock Café Guitar and the Bud Man. From water park structures, to fiberglass cows, just about anything one can imagine seems to be in their warehouse. Odds are any similar figure you might find in your vacation travels probably came from them. See www.fastkorp.com for a fascinating look at the work they do. While some locals had feared the chef may have been stolen after a 4-month absence, Jones says he’s heard nothing but praise for the new look which includes a new pair of pants and a “pencil-thin” mustache. Countless folks have been stopping by to get a photo op with the chef. Ken invites everyone to stop by and see the chef themselves. Gala-T-Inn is open 7 days a week offering up those classic Italian dishes and of course pizza!

Bones in Balance classes

helps those with osteoporosis

Lakeland Orthopedic Physical Therapy is now enrolling participants for Bones in Balance, a four-week program designed to teach those diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia how to successfully live with these conditions through self-management. Bones in Balance incorporates education and exercise and is led by specially trained physical therapists. The program includes valuable self-management tips from a pharmacist, registered dietitian, and nurse educator. Classes meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a four-week period at the Center for Outpatient Services, located at 3900 Hollywood Road in St. Joseph. Registration is now open for the next set of classes which will run from August 6 to 29 and be held at 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. or 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. Osteoporosis is a debilitating disease that affects over 44 million Americans, and although both men and women can develop the disease, over 80 percent of sufferers are women over the age of 45. Osteoporosis is commonly referred to as “the silent disease,” because bone loss occurs without any visible symptoms at first. A physician’s order is required to participate. There is a $25 registration fee to cover the cost of materials; the remaining amount is billable to your insurance. For more information or to register, call (269) 556-7150.