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Village Hall, Watervliet

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From the photo collection at the North Berrien Historical Museum

300 Coloma Avenue, Coloma

The Paw Paw River Journal

Don’t eat the fruit!

Let me begin by saying I know when people reach the lofty plateau of age, they feel qualified to give advice freely and to anyone who will listen.  Guilty as charged!  And I have something I’ve just been itching to say!  This is my platform, and here goes!

Any of you who have read my scribbling over time probably know more about me than I would wish to reveal… one of those things being that I am more conservative than liberal.  I try to keep an open mind, and look at all sides of an argument.  I must admit when we elected our first black president, I felt a thrill of pride.  We’d made some long strides since we fought each other over states’ rights and freeing the slaves.  I also felt good at some of that president’s decisions.  And I had a sinking feeling about some of the other ones… I’ll let you guess which were which!

Now we have turned a page… maybe a lot of pages.  This is a new deal, and a new time.  Do you realize polls show how unhappy we are with our legislators?  They are most unpopular in general.  This is strange, because on a local level we may be saying, “My Congressman or Senator is OK… it’s all those other guys!”  There is an ugly mood in the country and we all realize it.  Worst part of all, we don’t seem to know how to get back to a happy place nationally.

We now have a president who is not a politician.  He is a businessman, and he has promised to put us on a sound footing… no small job.  Some say the problem is he is using a sledge hammer to do it.  He said he is going to drain the swamp.  This has struck fear into the hearts of people who are in the swamp or are part of it!  We do have some great programs for helping people who really need it.  I’m sure those will never be taken away!

Can you remember when we all thought we could trust what our news people and newspapers said?  If we saw it in print we could believe it!  If we heard our favorite newscaster say it, we could believe it!  For instance, Walter Cronkite was America’s favorite on TV.  What he said, you could take to the bank.  Only in later years, did I learn he was a closet liberal, but he never let it influence what he said to America, nightly.  Think of what we see and hear on TV now… they are squeaking mice running around the feet of giants who preceded them… betraying the trust we used to have in them!

Now let me presume something… we are all Americans.  This is our country!  It’s all we have, unless we give up and move to another one.  Frankly, there are a few I wish would do that.  Some even promised to do so if Trump was elected.  Hey… I don’t think they went!

If we are all in this together, shouldn’t we all try to make it work?  That is not happening.  Instead, it’s like a war with part of the population trying to sabotage us all!  Even to the point of printing and saying unsubstantiated things and even downright lies!  Folks, this is our country!  This is all we have!  Instead of tearing it down, we should be trying to build it up!

It has gotten so bad that most of the media… newspapers and TV are part of it.  I don’t believe much of what I see on the tube, and I don’t read national newspapers any more.  Even people I respected in the past have joined the shrieking voices of doom!  Famous people are lying to us and hoping we will believe what they say.  They should be ashamed of the fact that they can no longer be trusted to say the truth!

And what is the result?  There are nut cases who are inflamed by the lies and rheto