08-03-2017Don Stewart receives Glad-Peach Community Service Award; Keeler Township legal action tar

Don Stewart receives Glad-Peach Community Service Award

By Christina Gelder

Don Stewart is retiring from his duties related to the Glad-Peach Festival after more than 15 years which makes him a great pick for the Community Service Award.

Throughout his time volunteering for the festival Stewart has done several different jobs and been a part of many aspects. He was originally asked by longtime family friend Sandi Munchow to help with the youth parade. From there he worked on the brochure, website, fund-raising database, t-shirt barn and was even responsible for bringing a monster truck in for a couple of years. “I have done a lot of little jobs along the way,” says Stewart modestly.

For Stewart, the best part is seeing everyone have fun. “The festival is for the community,” he says, “it’s nice to see people enjoying themselves.” He thinks it is unique to have so much support from the city and the township and accredits that to helping the festival succeed. He would like to see the festival stay in the community and do well for many more years, making sure to point out that it is simply not possible without all of the volunteers.

Stewart was not expecting this award at all. He says he was surprised and honored, pleased that his efforts were noticed and appreciated.

Originally from South Florida Stewart and his wife Sue ended up in Coloma in 1982 and they have been a part of the community ever since. They have one daughter and three grandchildren. Stewart says that they are looking forward to spending more time with family, traveling and just enjoying life.

Keeler Township legal action targets blight and violations 

By Annette Christie

The legal section of the Keeler Township Board agenda is getting larger as township officials continue to work on cleaning up the township. Supervisor Bill Kays announced at the August 1 meeting of the board that the demolition is complete on the Sister Lakes Playhouse property. Clerk Carl Davis said that though the township spent over $30,000 for all of the expenses involved in getting the property to this point, that they will be able to re-coup it with a possible sale of the property.

Kays said that an unsafe structure located at 60476 Territorial Road has been referred to the attorney. He reported that the owner has contacted the building inspector in regards to removing it. Another structure located near the west end of Round Lake is also being addressed. Kays said the owner is removing the brush and tall grass and is working on bringing the structure into compliance.

While semi-trailers are still being used as ac