08-08-2019 Letters and Commentary

G-P participation from Legion family

Dear Editor, I want to thank my entire Legion family who participated in the Glad-Peach parade on Saturday, August 3, especially the group from South Haven Post 49 who boosted our numbers and helped make us look good. They are welcome to join us anytime. See what great things can be done when we all work together. Kelly Disbrow, Commander Coloma American Legion Post 362

Thank You

Dear Editor, The Coloma Public Library would like to thank the following local businesses who supported the summer reading program with generous donations: McDonald’s of South Haven, Bangor, Coloma, and Benton Harbor; Dairy Queen of Coloma; Michigan Pizza Hut, Inc.; Moore Theatres (Loma); Soulard’s; and Chili’s. Mary Harrison, Director

Acknowledging favorites of the TCR

Dear Karl, I’d hoped to write this as a letter to the editor but somehow it assumed a life of its own. Reminds me of Jack’s beanstalk… It just kept growing and growing! Simply wanted to recognize some of my favorites in your paper: John Martin – I’m so sorry he stopped drawing his poignant cartoon, which I’d cut out and hang on the fridge. The twin towers in Manhattan; Mother’s Day as the mom knelt to receive the gifts from her little boy. John always captured the essence of the local or national news and then just nailed it. Rep. Pauline Wendzel and Senator Kim LaSata – Enjoy news from the State House, especially when it affects Southwestern Michigan. Editor Karl Bayer – Never miss reading your weekly editorials, even agreeing with you the majority of the time. My personal favorite is your Bayer Family Christmas. Every year I read it, cut it out, and send it to a loved one in their Christmas card. I keep a list of those people and wish I’d saved all their comments to share with you. Amy Loshbough – Congratulations on your managing editor promotion (hope dad gave you a nice raise to match your new responsibilities). Really enjoying the changes: Lacey Krohn’s position as social media editor, the online edition, and just love the Press Box Player of the Week – outstanding recognition to our local athletes. Kristy Noack – Speaking of the athlete of the week, I’d like to give a shout out to Kristy Noack who is not only a talented sports writer but an incredible photographer. Never have I seen so many amazing action shots of our local athletes and your idea to create a Hall of Fame for Watervliet that not only acknowledges past players but their coaches as well. I know that Gene Bednarowski would have been thrilled and I am positive that Ron Farac and Gerry Barchett are feeling so honored with this recognition. All three of these men gave so much of themselves to coaching the kids at Watervliet, that they were definitely each a super hero of their eras. Speaking of super heroes, I’d like to add one more, so my next shout out goes to Roy M. Davis. Roy left for WWII shortly before I was born, but his memories are also my memories. His nostalgic stories resonate with my own childhood remembrances. It demonstrates how little life changed from 1900-1950, yet we thought that our lifestyles were altered dramatically. Today’s technology finds us reinventing ourselves not by decades but almost annually. Each week Roy writes another new story which often stirs up an episode from the past that I’d forgotten, so my mind revisits that time period as well. A recent article entitled “Manley White Civil War Hero”, recounted the experiences of a sixteen year old teen from Hartford who enlisted in the 8th Michigan Cavalry. In Tennessee, he was wounded and ended up in a hospital which he left before he was healed. As a result, he contracted small pox and was left behind to recover, then walked 150 miles to rejoin his regiment. Then in Tennessee he was captured and sent to a confederate prison in Alabama where he nearly died of starvation but was released and paroled in 1865. Manley boarded a steamer ship in Mississippi. But near Memphis the ship’s boiler exploded killing one thousand union soldiers. Manley dove into the water, swam six miles before he was rescued and taken to Memphis where it took him two months to walk home to Hartford. Roy Davis just lost his lovely wife, Marion, whom he called his “Chief Accountant”. They’d been married for 72 years! Joan Polaskey, Coloma (Editor’s Note: Lacey Krohn is no longer Social Media Editor. Teresa Smithers has efficiently taken over the position. Likewise, Kristy Noack is no longer reporting Press Box news for the Record. Sports’ reporting is being effectively covered individually for each town by Dave Vollrath for Coloma, Jerrod Birmele for Hartford and John Oliphant for Watervliet.)

Michigan health providers must enroll in system by Oct. 1 for

Medicaid patients to be able to fill prescriptions

Health care providers are facing an important upcoming enrollment deadline that is necessary for their Medicaid beneficiaries to be able to continue to fill prescriptions. To meet federal requirements, providers who prescribe medications to Medicaid beneficiaries must enroll by Oct. 1, 2019, in the Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS) – the state’s online Medicaid enrollment system. Under federal requirements, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will prohibit payment for prescription drug claims written by any provider who is not enrolled in CHAMPS. “At MDHHS we want to make sure that Michigan’s Medicaid beneficiaries are able to continue to fill the prescriptions they need to be healthy,” said Kate Massey, MDHHS deputy director for Medical Services Administration and Medicaid director. “We encourage providers to register in CHAMPS as soon as possible to avoid any interruptions in patients’ drug therapy.” The federal Affordable Care Act and the 21st Century Cures Act require prescribers to enroll. The purpose of this requirement is to protect beneficiaries by strengthening program integrity and care quality. The requirement applies to all providers who prescribe drugs – including medical residents. Providers who want information about the enrollment process and how to get started can visit Michigan.gov/MedicaidProviders and click on the “Provider Enrollment” box. Providers who have questions on the process can call MDHHS Provider Support at 800-292-2550.

Gas prices down 10 cents; Michigan state

average has steadily declined since July 27

Gas prices in Michigan slipped 10 cents compared to a week ago. Michigan drivers are now paying an average of $2.75 per gallon for regular unleaded. This price is 14 cents less than this time last month and about 17 cents less than this time last year. Motorists are paying an average of $41 for a full 15-gallon tank of gasoline; a discount of $6 from when prices were their highest last May. New data from the Energy Information Administration revealed that demand dropped last week, landing at 9.55 million b/d. The rate is approximately 100,000 b/d less than the previous week and 300,000 b/d less than last year at this time. Total domestic stocks of gasoline also fell last week. They hit 230.7 million bbl after the total refinery utilization rate fell slightly to 93 percent, which is 2 percent lower than last summer at this time. “If demand remains low, pump prices will likely continue to see modest decreases moving into this week,” said Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson, AAA – The Auto Club Group. AAA’s state and metro gas ave