08-09-2018 Letters and Commentary

Schrage family needs community support to retain business at their home

Dear Editor,

We are asking the community to NOT sign ANY petitions to shut us down.

We had a set of twin girls born at 27 weeks and unfortunately one of them has several medical conditions and a rare life-threatening illness. One small fever could wipe her out.

She requires around the clock care and IV hook-ups every day and her immune system is compromised after losing 95% of her small intestine. She had heart surgery and suffered a stroke after cardiac arrest leaving her with cerebral palsy as well.

Sadly there are not enough nurses in our area. My husband had to take lots of time off from his previous employment for surgeries or emergencies and it’s hard to keep a job when you need so much time off. He started his own business so he could work from our property to be home when emergencies arrive.

We have a neighbor who is against us having a business and trying to make it impossible for us to financially support our family. As she feels we are ruining the countryside. We love this community and chose to buy a house here because it’s what we enjoy as well.

We built a barn keeping sound in mind and used thicker materials. We have done a sound test to make sure we are within peaceful means. We are asking the community to not sign any petitions. We are trying to make an honest living and provide for our family as best as we know how. We just want to make memories with our kids, especially our baby girl who we don’t know how long we will be blessed with, while providing services to the community.

Thanks for your support!

The Schrage Family

One Way Auto

6101 E. Napier, Benton Harbor

Local history

Dear Editor,

I am surprised how many local people do not know the reasons why ”Blue Star Memorial Highway” and “Red Arrow Highway” are named.

”Blue Star Memorial Highway” runs from Gary, Indiana to Grand Haven, Michigan (137 miles), and it is named from an organization of mothers during World War II who had sons serving in the military, and flew the Blue Star Flag at their homes. “Blue Star Mothers” was organized in Flint, Michigan in 1942, and continues nationwide today with the nearest ”Blue Star Mothers” Post in Paw Paw, and represents men and women in our Armed Forces.

”Red Arrow Highway” runs from New Buffalo, Michigan to Paw Paw, Michigan (60 miles); and named after ”The Red Arrow Division,” organized in 1917 and trained at Camp Custer, now Fort Custer in Battle Creek, Michigan. The “Red Arrow Division” gained fame in France during World I in 1917 and 1918, with 100,000 soldiers trained in those years.

Don Oderkirk, US Navy, Ret., Watervliet

Two local students nationally recognized for award-winning work with SW Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force

Two local young ladies who are passionate about human trafficking awareness and prevention won gold at Nationals with a nationally-recognized partnered project on fighting human trafficking.

Anahi Vargas and Jennifer Fabian, of Covert High School began “Stomp out Trafficking” in the fall of 2017. As they began the process of organizing their Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) community service project, they realized the impact this project could have on so many people. A partnership was established between them and the Southwest Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force, with Cathy Knauf as the founder and director.

Anahi Vargas and Je