08-15-2019 Great memories made at 100th Mundt Reunion; Van Buren County applies for funds to help no

THESE KUTE KIDS ARE… Cooper (4) and Rylie (1), cruising the yard. Their proud parents are Ryan & Kate Rodell of Benton Harbor. Loving grandparents to this kute duo are Kristy Gagliardo of Coloma, Kevin & Kathy Rodell of Eau Claire, and Ron & Jodie Hutcheson of Hickory Corners MI. Watch out world, here they come!

Watervliet Library Garden notes…

Queen Anne’s Lace: Flower or weed? According to Webster’s, any unsightly or troublesome plant that grows in abundance where it is not wanted can be considered a weed. In The Watervliet Library Garden, the answer is both, flower and weed! Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota) is a host plant for Swallowtail Butterflies and provides a source of pollen for bees and many other insects. This plant has naturalized itself in our garden setting and is considered a flower to promote butterfly habitat. Its aggressive self-seeding nature, however, requires “editing” from time to time to control the population, in that case a weed. Look closely and colorful caterpillars of Swallowtail Butterflies can be found feeding on the foliage of QAL and parsley in the garden. Fennel and dill are also important host plants for anyone interested in planting for Swallowtails.

100TH MUNDT REUNION… Adell Mundt, 97, with her four children (from the left): Barbara White (South Haven), Tom Mundt (Watervliet), Lori Davis (Watervliet), and Sharon Martorano (St. Joseph). The Mundt family held their annual reunion on Sunday, Aug. 4, in Watervliet.

Great memories made at 100th Mundt Reunion

The 100th reunion of the Mundt family took place on Sunday, August 4, 2019 at the Watervliet VFW. It was a wonderful event and so many great memories were shared and made. Acting President Amy Lovell said a speech was given about the meaning of the Reunion and why they continue this tradition – thanks to some motivation from the Watervliet Record Archives. They had a great attendance of 69 people with the furthest traveling from Kentucky. The oldest man in attendance was John Oakley (89). The oldest woman in attendance was Adell Mundt (97). The youngest in attendance was Everleigh Warner, daughter of Quentin and Allison Warner. There were six family members from the Platt and Oakley families in attendance. A few of the family members participated in the Glad-Peach 5K Saturday of the reunion weekend. Nichole Fox was the coordinator for the reunion T-shirts. Jeana and Jene Hamilton were responsible for the planning and running of the games and prizes. With a unanimous vote it was decided to continue this annual tradition with the next event planned for Sunday, August 2, 2020 at the same location. Officers were voted to remain in place as follows: President, Amy Lovell; Vice-President and Secretary Tiffany Wendt; Treasurer Tom Mundt.

Van Buren County applies for funds to help non-violent offenders, Hartford Twp. hears

By Nancy Albright Van Buren County may be able to continue its Community Corrections program with the help of an $184,000 grant. Hartford Township officials learned at their monthly meeting on Thursday, Aug. 8 that VBC commissioners approved the grant application which, if received, will be used to continue the program designed to create alternatives for prisoners convicted of misdemeanors and felonies, and funding the Weekend Work Alternative Program. The grant would also be used to divert non-violent offenders from being held at the county jail or state prisons to the local tether program and other similar programs. “These programs work well,” said County Commissioner Mike Chappell. “We’ve had a lot of success stories come out of them.” Help for Van Buren County veterans Chappell, in attendance at the township meeting, invited all Van Buren County veterans to the new veteran’s office, which opened on August 5, located at 219 Paw Paw St. in Paw Paw. Honorably discharged veterans are now eligible to receive funds for needed healthcare. VB county has allocated $40,000 to help honorably discharged veterans and their eligible dependents afford inoculations, and dental, hearing and vision care. Veterans may receive up to $1,000 an