08-17-2017 Letters and Commentary

TOLERATING TERRORISTS… The right of free speech and the right to assemble do not give anyone the right to kill or maim another in the expression of the right. This latest American atrocity in Charlottesville last weekend is a travesty of freedom, not an assertion; certainly, not a right.

How and why are communities providing permits to assembly or demonstration to groups that come armed (and dangerous)? What is there a “leave your guns at home” mandate that allows the same people to come to a distraction carrying shields and clubs?

People can’t carry scissors or pocket knives on planes, but people can bring pointed flagstaffs and placard stakes to a freedom of speech rally. Many were carrying shields and wearing helmets.

Those boneheads excuse me, skin heads showed up at a rally ready to rumble. Pardon me, who’s watching the hen house?

I’m not ready to give up any of my rights, but then again, I’m not planning on killing or maiming people either.

It’s time we treated those who advocate violence on their fellow Americans as we treat foreign terrorists who advocate violence against us.

Foreign terrorists have no right to demonstrate in America. They have no right to bear arms; they have no right to free speech. Neither should their American counterparts.

Indeed, why do we differentiate between foreign and domestic terrorists at all? Pure and simple, all are criminals in the eyes of any law.

LOCAL NEWS IS THE BEST a nurse told me last week. I was at Lakeland Hospital for a test. When I introduced Anne to the nurse, she asked, “Are you Anne and Karl from the Tri-City Record?”

On my affirmative, she said her grandmother gave her a subscription as a wedding gift and she reads the Record every week. In fact, she said her young daughter now accompanies her to the mailbox and she knows when it is Friday because that’s when the Tri-City Record comes.

“Your paper and the local news in it is the best,” she said.

I love hearing those comments. Not only is it nice to receive a compliment, it also reaffirms our mission to deliver the hometown news of the Coloma, Hartford and Watervliet area to our subscribers.

Also, the news coverage of the Record reflects how close the Tri-City community is, geographically and generationally. The nurse was raised in Coloma and now lives in Hartford. Her grandma gave the subscription to the paper which she is now sharing (reading) with her daughter.

Of all the things I love about the “paper,” it is the interaction with the readers I love the best. I’ve often “wailed” is no one reading? Then, I admit, they do, they just don’t tell me. Like the young nurse, “they” do read, and when the opportunity arises, they tell me.

I have had several comments about the recent column taking a tour of Watervliet Main Street as told by Dick O’Hara as he recalled it in 1950.

While I expected so