08-24-2017 School news & calendars

THE YOUNG AND THE YOUNG AT HEART… The 40 Year Club celebrated its 97th annual meeting Saturday, Au-gust 19. Over 30 years of past Watervliet High School classes were represented. The oldest class represented was the Class of 1936, with the Class of 2013 being the most recent graduat-ing class represented. Pictured are those class representatives. On the left is Ryan Kibler. On the right is Ewald Rodewald. Ryan Kibler… After graduating from Watervliet High School is 2013, Ryan went on to the Uni-versity of Michigan in Ann Ar-bor, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiol-ogy. He will now pursue his PhD in Biological Physics, Structure and Design at the University of Washington, lo-cated in Seattle, Washington. He will begin his studies there, a six-year program, this Sep-tember. Ryan anticipates gra-duating in 2023. Ewald Rodewald… As far as Ewald is aware, he is the last surviving member of his gra-duating class. He is currently 99 years of age, and will turn 100 on October 10. Ewald served in the United States Ar-my from 1942-1946, and is a veteran of World War ll. He lives in Bainbridge Township. Ewald no longer drives. Ryan and Ewald are pictured with the old school bell. The bell has its own tale to tell – going from the old school to a family residence, and back to school property. It even spent some time in Coloma, at the North Berrien Historical Mu-seum. Thanks to some detective work by Kevin Schooley, Watervliet Public Schools Su-perintendent, the bell is back at Watervliet High School, and may be found in the Watervliet Board of Education meeting room. (TCR photo by Greg Krell)

The school bell rang, and 200 Watervliet alumni answered

By Greg Krell

The Watervliet 40 Year Club returned to Watervliet for its annual meeting, and so did the alumni.  The 40 Year Club was formed in 1920.

The 97th meeting met back in Watervliet, after last year’s meeting was held outside of Watervliet for the first time in its history.  Due to ongoing construction at the Watervliet Middle and High schools, the meeting was held in Coloma.

Two hundred alumni were in attendance this year, making it the second best attended ever.  It now only trails the 2015 meeting.  Of those, approximately 25 were attending the annual meeting for the first time.

Present were the following former school employees:  Ken Bannen, Marsha Stennecke Cole, Geoff Geisler, Pat Woodruff Geisler, Donna Collins Hayes, Jeanne Morlock King, Rita Lynch, Jeanne Bridges Marschke, Katherine Lynch Rodriguez, and Karen Benjamin Saetre.

The 40 Year Club Committee passes on a much deserved “thank you” to Kevin Schooley, Watervliet Public Schools Superintendent, for

the 40 Year Club to once again have the meeting at the school.

The only requirement for being part of the 40 Year Club is that a person attended school in Watervliet.  Being out of school for 40 years or even graduating from Watervliet is not required.

Social time began at 11:00 a.m., with lunch being served at noon.

During the social hour, and after lunch, tours were given of the recently renovated middle and high school buildings and grounds.  Featured were some of the projects completed during the renovations made possible by the bond issue, passed in May, 2014.

Golf cart tours were given to alumni that wished to view the school from the outside while making their way to the football