09-06-2018 Letters and Commentary

Michael Zehner has  settled in comfortably in Texas and sends greetings to Michigan

Dear Editor, I’m writing to you all to give a friendly update on Michael Zehner. I know how many residents in Watervliet have asked how Michael has been doing since his move to Texas and I am happy to report he has settled in comfortably! Soon, Michael will be marking two months since his move and has had quite the adventure over the summer.

A response to Bishop’s comments on childbuse by Catholic Priests

Dear Editor, This letter is in response to Bishop Paul J. Bradley’s report on child abuse by some Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania. The bottom line for these priests is they need to get saved. If Bishop Bradley believed what the Word of God says in 1Timothy 3:2a that, “A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife” then he would leave the Roman Catholic Church, find a good wife and be married. But like many churches today they reject the Word of God, that they may keep their own tradition. There is no purgatory, nuns, cardinals, or prayers for the dead to be found in the World of God. The cover up for children being molested has been ongoing for centuries let alone decades; all to try and keep the traditions of men to be honored instead of the Lord Jesus Christ and His word. This is written not to belittle the Roman Catholic people, but to exhort them to repent, and simply believe what the Word of God says, and not some papal bull. The Lord Jesus says in Luke 4:4, “It is written, that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” But ‘by every word of God’ is missing in most all Catholic Bibles in Luke 4:4. I wonder why. Phil Nevins, Sister Lakes

Freedom of Speech column set my teeth on edge

Hi Karl, I was going to call to renew my TCR subscription, but decided to send you a note instead. I love my hometown paper and would hate to miss the news around town or the doings on Paw Paw Lake, the amusing letters to the Editor, Roy’s Journal, the Nature Notebook, and best of all! Karl’s Kolumn. The August 16th Kolumn set my teeth on edge, however. You started out in the American Way by allowing the NFL players to sit out the anthem under our hallowed tradition of Freedom of Speech. Unbelievably, you then went off about how much you dislike their “disrespecting the flag.” The fact is Karl, sitting out the anthem IS NOT and has NEVER BEEN about the flag except to Donald Trump and his sycophants. The NFL players are protesting the obvious and continuing racial discrimination and police brutality that is very much a part of the American tradition. They are choosing a peaceful and non-violent way to demonstrate their grief and hope for a turnaround in the current atmosphere promulgated by the Trump method of enforcing policies, including immigration. Then you went on to relate a story about poor Bob Taylor and his troubles. Mr. Trump apparently responded with a mealy-mouthed spiritual sentiment written by God knows which anonymous but evidently born-again-Christian troll. I have to wonder if Bob was really comforted by these hypocritical words reportedly from a person with the demonstrated and sickening moral standing of Donald Trump. No one has shown less ethical regard for the workers, business people or porn stars he has done business with. In any case, I will continue to enjoy the TCR and grant you the same courtesy of Free Speech along with the real Free Press which still exists in our country, at least for the time being. Your friend always, Jean Christiansen

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What are you doing here?

Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a way out. No obvious solution seems available. Hope becomes scarce. The question, “What am I doing here?” begs an answer. That’s when outside input can be helpful. Some trusted person to be a sounding board. Rather than retreating, it is better to engage, to regroup and reorient. That’s what happened to the prophet of Israel, Elijah. Only Elijah wasn’t the one asking the question; it was God asking Elijah, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Elijah had just had a great victory over some false prophets. Unfortunately they were the queen’s prophets. Elijah got a poison-pen letter from her that scared the wits out of him. He ran and hid in a cave where she couldn’t find him. He could hide from the queen, but God never lost track of him. The account is in 1 Kings, chapter 19. When God first asked Elijah the question, Elijah knew it was God speaking to him. Two observations about the question: First, God used Elijah’s name, demonstrating that Elijah had not been forgotten by God. Second, God did not ask “Why” Elijah was there, He asked instead what he was doing there. Big difference. It was more of a, “What do you expect to accomplish by this, Elijah?” rather than a “Tell Me how you’re feeling about this situation, Elijah.” Elijah had new lessons to learn. First he needed to learn that God does things His way, and in His timing. Second, we are not on God’s “need-to- know list” when it comes to His work behind the scenes and in other people’s lives. Third, we have responsibilities that center on God’s plans, not ours. Elijah’s life was not over. He had a future. God gave him a new job to do. With that, Elijah regrouped and went on.