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09-19-2019 Public Notices and Want Ads

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PUBLIC NOTICE CITY OF COLOMA PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Coloma City Commission will hold a public hearing on October 14, 2019 at 7:45 p.m. at the Coloma City Hall, 119 N. Paw Paw Street, Coloma, Michigan 49038. The purpose of this hearing is to discuss and hear comments from the public regarding the proposed Blight Ordinance, an ordinance to prevent, reduce, or eliminate blight or potential blight in the City of Coloma. A full copy of the ordinance will be available at the Coloma City Hall during regular business hours.

Said public hearings are accessible. Persons requiring auxiliary aides and services or other accommodations should contact, by one (1) week’s prior notice, in writing or by telephone, the Coloma City Hall, 119 N. Paw Paw St., P.O. Box 329, Coloma, Michigan49038. phone #–(269) 468-6606. Martha L. Darling Coloma City Clerk (09-19-2019 TCR)

PUBLIC NOTICE HARTFORD TOWNSHIP Hartford Township is accepting applications for the position of Zoning Administrator. Salary dependent on candidate’s match of qualifications and experience. Job Description available at or you may request one via email to To apply, please submit anapplication (available at or email completed application to: Hartford Township Board 61310 CR 687 Hartford, MI 49057 Applications accepted until October 30, 2019. (09-19-2019 TCR) Public Notice City of Hartford County of Van Buren State of Michigan The City of Hartford Commissioners at the September 16, 2019 Commission meeting adopted the 2019 Amendment no. one to Ordinance #315-17 Medical Marihuana Facilities. Copies of the ordinance in its entirety are available in the clerk’s office.

RoxAnn Rodney-Isbrecht, Clerk City of Hartford 19 W Main St Hartford MI 49057 269-621-2477 269-621-2054 (09-19-2019 TCR) LIEN SALE THE FOLLOWING UNITS – have been taken under possession by Sparkle U-Stor-It for lack of payment. These units will be auctioned on October 1, 2019 if the Tenant fails to claim unit. THE AUCTION WILL BE HELD ON-LINE AT WWW.STORAGEBATTLES.COM Angela Cornelius, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 321 Kathryn Futrell, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 354 Kenneth Hawkins, St. Joseph, MI Unit 80 Tonia Johnston, Albion, MI Unit 308 Larry A. Jones, Benton Harbor, MI Units 110, 211 Melissa Nancy, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 201 Teanna Parks, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 439 Theresa Patterson, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 492 Tori Polk, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 257 Cory Tucker, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 92 Carleasia Vivertte, Benton Harbor, MI Unit 474 (09-19-19 TCR)

STATE OF MICHIGAN PROBATE COURT COUNTY OF VAN BUREN NOTICE TO CREDITORS Decedent’s Estate File No. 2019-1146 DE Estate of GEORGE RICHARD DOROH Date of birth: February 3, 1928 TO ALL CREDITORS: NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, GEORGE RICHARD DOROH, died July 7, 2019. Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to Robert A. Doroh, personal representative, or to both the probate court at 212 E. Paw Paw St., Paw Paw, MI 49079 and the personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice. Date: September 13, 2019 Robert A. Doroh 520 Rosewood Avenue Decatur, MI 49045 John T. McNeil P17542 303 E. Paw Paw Street, Suite 3 Paw Paw, MI 49079 (269) 657-6560 (09-19-2019 TCR)

LIEN SALE The following units will be taken under possession by Lindy’s Lockers if payment is not made in full by October 1, 2019 #178 RA Susan Williams (09-19-2019 TCR)


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