09-22-2016 Tri-City History Page

rolling back the years

1925 – 90 years ago

Miss Pauline Whitney, Watervliet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Whitney, is attending a business college in Grand Rapids. William Kelly, a former Watervliet boy, who has been in the Great Lakes Naval Training School for four months, visited at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Kelly on Oct. 3, 1926.Advertised on Oct 8, 1926: New Shoes for Fall—the embodiment of Fashion’s latest decree. New shoe Modes $3.95 to $5.95, at H.G. Geisler.

1955 – 60 years ago

 Kay Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earle Smith, was awarded a certificate for having satisfactorily met all the requirements for the title of excellent camper by the board of control for the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Camp on Big Star Lake, near Baldwin, MI. This award is a coveted prize for a camper to win. Dr. Julius T. Wendzel, Watervliet, has achieved recognition through the publishing of his book, “The Dynamics of Capitalism”. Dr. Wendzel, A WHS graduate, served with the Bureau of the Budget under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in Washington, D. C. before returning to this area. In his book he reminds the college graduate and others that what is most necessary for a successful career is a practical idea. On top of that the idea man must have the ability to inspire confidence in prospective investors. If he has both, a new industry and a new fortune are in the making. It is the constant search of all the people for the worthwhile ideas and the constant search of investors for the idea men that give America its unprecedented prosperity and make it the golden land of opportunity it is.

1985 – 30 years ago

 The end of September and beginning of October, 1986, brought the torrential rains that swelled rivers, flooded basements and yards, washed out roads and inundated lakefront yards, docks and piers. High water covered most piers and lapped over breakwalls on Paw Paw Lake. Engineers placed an emergency dam across the Paw Paw River inlet to the lake to slow flooding. Watervliet City in 1985 adopted an ordinance to create a downtown development plan which was put into effect in December. The DDA was formed as a result of work being done by the Planning Commission to implement programs for development inside the City of Watervliet.

HARTFORD 100 years ago – 1916

 Manufacturer of picture frames and a number of wood novelties, JA Scheyor, president of the Reliance Picture Frame Company of Chicago, was in Hartford Friday. Mr. Scheyor declared that Hartford possesses excellent advantages as a manufacturing point, and was so favorably impressed with the village that he announced before leaving that there was little doubt that his company would erect a factory here.  The West End Boys club, an organization of Boy Scouts from west Hartford, under the direction of Charles Kleckler, attended the reunion of the Berrien County Battalion at St. Joseph on Thursday and gave a drill which elicited praise from the veterans in attendance.

75 years ago – 1941

 Among the innovations in Hartford gardens are several southern cotton plants at the CW Teitsworth home. The cotton, about waist-high, is loaded with bolls and blossoms. Peanuts and okra are also growing in the Teitsworth garden, giving it a distinctly southern aspect.  The Hartford Garden Club met at the home of Mrs. Bessie Hough last Friday afternoon. Roll call was “Childhood Garden Memories” and brought out many interesting memories of gardens and flowers that are rarely seen these days.  The first fall meeting of the Hartford Woman’s Club was held Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Elnora Chamberlin on South Maple street, with members responding to roll call with “How do you do and where have you been?” Mrs. Lena Spaulding, now president of the club, gave an address of welcome. A social hour followed during which light refreshments were served with Mrs. Carolyn Powers assisting the hostess.

50 years ago – 1966

 Winners and their prizes awarded at the grand opening of Tim’s Supermarket are Etta Frazier, 15 piece cookware set; Lewis Fellows, electric toaster; Leo Widner, percolator; Thomas Keir, mixer; Adine Penrose, silverware; Garland Beck, steam iron; Donna Marsau, electric knife sharpener; and George Fernham, dinnerware set.  The Hartford Jaycees will hold their annual membership banquet Monday evening, Sep. 26, at the Sportsmen’s club north of town. Men ages 21-36 who are interested in helping their community and would like to attend the dinner please contact Bob Clark or Bill Weeden.

COLOMA 100 years ago – 1916

 The State Bank of Coloma has, once again, exhibited a fine display of fruits grown in the Michigan fruit belt.  Carl Miller, Mr. and Mrs. C. Tack and Mr. and Mrs. OJ Miller desire to express their sincere thanks to all who were so kind during the illness and at the death of Mrs. Carl Miller.  War News: the British have taken the greater part of the Bouleauxwood, Highwood and the towns of Flers, Martinpuich and Courcelette.

60 years ago – 1956

 Friends and relatives filled Davidson funeral home for the funeral of Bonnie Veit, 21 years old