09-24-2020 Hagar Township approves Monte Packaging rezoning;

HARTFORD HIGH SCHOOL… Students of the Week for Sept. 18, 2020 are: 9th Grade – Eduardo Mateo-Mercado, student of Exadi Mateo & Maricruz Mercado; 10th Grade – Raven Ledesma, student of Robert & Misty Ledesma; 11th Grade – Melissa Muller, student of Michael & Maria Muller; 12th Grade – Jamie Smith, student of James Smith. Congratulations to these “Students of the Week” and keep up the great work!

Hagar Township approves Monte Packaging rezoning

By Jon Bisnett Following a continued best practice of virtual meetings, the Hagar Township Board conducted its September regular business with a fairly light agenda on Monday, Sept. 14, 2020.

Zoning The board responded positively by granting a rezoning request to Monte Packing for three parcels at 3810 Riverside Road. The parcels 11-10-0027-0051-06-4, 11-10-0027-0051-06-1, and 11-10-0027-0051-06-3 will go from AGR Agricultural-Residential to C-1 Commercial; more in line with potential future expansion and a more immediate effect in getting truck traffic off the road. Supervisor Izzy DiMaggio praised the Monte family and their business interests in the township calling them the “responsible corporate partners and generous philanthropists”. For decades the business has maintained its world headquarters in Hagar, while at the same time been a generous benefactor with donations to projects like Children’s Park.

Supervisor Supervisor Izzy DiMaggio announced the Koranda Drain Board of Determination is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 6 via Zoom. The drain, located in the West Bundy Road area, affects approximately 170 parcels of land. The Riverside DDA meets next Monday, Oct. 5, and still needs a vacancy filled. The board appointed Attorney Wade Arends, who had previously submitted a letter of interest, to the 4-year term. Discussion took place regarding when to remove critical components of the kayak launch for winter with no firm timetable set. Election Clerk Sarah Rodriguez reports November Election prep is well under way, with a record number of Absentee Ballots expected as were received in the August Primary. The ballots will be in the mail shortly, around Oct. 1. As always Clerk Sarah is on the lookout for new election workers, reminding it is a paid position and this year broken into two shifts to shorten the individual time commitment. Township voters who intend to vote in person should plan on a bit of extra time at the polls in terms of working through the new COVID-19 protocols providing a safe environment for all. Treasurer Treasurer Susan Herrmann presented monthly bills in the amount of $22,531.68 with nothing remarkable. Herrmann reports 77% of taxes have been paid in thus far. Audit Both the Treasurer and Clerk report field work for the township’s annual audit is well underway with no delays expected. Parks Parks Trustee Deb Frank reports receiving two bids for landscaping of the new Kayak Park; both of which require revisions, putting an approval into next month’s business.

Blight Enforcement Demolition bids are out for properties identified as vacant and non-compliant located at 4386 Red Arrow Highway, 5851 Red Arrow Highway, 6071 M-63 and 3935 Central Avenue. Action is expected in October. Enforcement actions are proceeding on property located at E. Thar Road, with 11 vehicles and a pile of old tires. Headlee Rollback The board gave approval in an amount up to $1,500 for production and mailing of an informational flyer to residents explaining the nuance of the Headlee Amendment Tax Rollback on the November Ballot. Other business Wightman and Associates is looking for volunteers to aid in verification of cemetery plots for the GIS Mapping project. Those with interest may contact the Clerk. Property has been purchased just west of the Public Safety Building for the erection of a new Dollar General store. A new liquor license for package sales is in process for the business located at 2660 N. M-63. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has the authority over such licensing as opposed to local jurisdiction in the past. With no further business, Supervisor DiMaggio adjourned the virtual session at 8:21 p.m.

Aerial treatment to combat EEE is underway In an effort to prevent spread of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has announced aerial mosquito control treatment in certain high-risk areas of Michigan. The first night of aerial treatment was Sept. 16. The areas slated for treatment include portions of Montcalm and Clare counties. Other areas to be treated are in Kent, Newaygo, Oceana, Muskegon, Mecosta, Isabella and Ionia counties, as well as Barry, Jackson and Oakland. Please refer to the County-level Aerial Treatment Maps for more details of the identified zones’ locations. The schedules are weather dependent and may change. The most up-to-date information is posted at Michigan.gov/EEE. EEE is one of the most dangerous mosquito-borne diseases in the United States, with a 33 percent fatality rate in people who become ill. People can be infected with EEE from one bite of a mosquito carrying the virus. Persons younger than age 15 and over age 50 are at greatest risk of severe disease following infection. More than 25 percent of the nation’s EEE cases last year were diagnosed in Michigan. The risk of bites is highest for people who work and play outdoors in affected areas. Michiganders need to continue taking precautions as mosquitoes will remain active until there is a hard freeze, equivalent to the temperature dropping below 28 degrees F for an extended period of time. MDHHS hotline for general EEE questions is 888-535-6136.

THIS KUTE KID IS… Jayden Brassard, a 5th grader at Watervliet North. Jayden is a straight A student and has a passion for football, baseball and basketball. He loves fishing with his dad and papa and enjoys being out on the family farm, picking and sorting blueberries. Jayden also loves making memories with his mom, dad and little brother Kyrin. Jayden is the son of Jordan Brassard and Brittany Morsaw. Jayden has one brother, Kyrin and his best bud is his pup named Nala. Papa is Greg Morsaw of Hartford and Grandma is Stacy Adams of Bangor. His other grandparents are Teresa Brassard and Gene Jackson of South Haven.

Financial moves for widows and widowers If you’ve recently become a widow or widower, you’re obviously dealing with an enormous emotional burden, and coping with your grief can seem like a full-time struggle. Unfortunately, the business of life must go on – and the financial moves you make at this time can have a big impact on your life. So, as you attend to your affairs, consider the following suggestions: Don’t make hasty decisions. Even though you will need to make some moves in the near future, don’t feel rushed into decisions that may prove to be ill-advised. For example, don’t immediately sell your home or liquidate all your stocks. Consult with your estate planning professional. If you and your spouse created an estate plan involving a will, living trust or other documents, you’ll want to consult with your estate planning professional to determine what steps should be taken to implement these arrangements. Address life insurance issues. If your spouse had a life insurance policy, you’ll want to contact your insurance agent for help in navigating the paperwork necessary to receive the death benefit. Of course, some financial advisors also sell life insurance within the context of your overall financial strategy, so, if this is your situation, you’ll want to speak with your advisor about how to handle the insurance proceeds. Apply for Social Security benefits. If you are 60 or older, you may be entitled to Social Security survivor benefits, along with a one-time death benefit. Contact your local Social Security office to stop the benefits your spouse received and apply for the new ones for yourself. Change the name on financial accounts. If you and your spouse had jointly held accounts with “right of survivorship,” the assets will typically pass automatically to you, the surviving spouse. However, for legal purposes, it’s still a good idea to title these assets in your name. This usually only requires filling out some simple documents, which are available from your financial institutions – bank, credit union, investment firm, etc. But you also may need to change the beneficiary designations on accounts held only in your name, such as your 401(k). These designations are powerful and can even supersede instructions in your will or living trust. Go over bills and debts. Review all your bills, automatic payments and outstanding loans. If they are in your spouse’s name, or in both your names, contact the merchant or financial services provider to change all correspondence and account information to your name only. For any outstanding accounts in your spouse’s name, you may need to notify the business that all payments will be handled by your spouse’s estate, if you choose to go that route. You may need to provide these businesses with the contact information of your estate planning professional. Plan for your future. Once you’ve handled the immediate financial needs described above, you’ll want to think about your own future. This means you may have to update your estate plans and insurance policies. You’ll also want to consult with your financial advisor to see what changes, if any, you might need to make to your investment portfolio. Only time can ease the pain of losing a spouse. But by taking care of the mundane matters of daily living, you can at least alleviate the feelings of being overwhelmed – and that, in itself, has value. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Edward Jones, Member SIPC


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