09-27-2018 Letters and Commentary

Grand Opening for Paw Paw River County Park in Watervliet Dear Editor, North Berrien Community Development would like to invite, celebrate and thank everyone involved as we look forward to the opening of the new Paw Paw River County Park in Watervliet. This was truly a community, county and state success story. So mark your calendars – to see what was accomplished – for Thursday, October 4 from 4-5 p.m. for the official opening of the park as the dream becomes a reality. Chana Kniebes North Berrien Community Development Coloma Watervliet Area Chamber of Commerce

Generous donation appreciated by St. Paul’s United Church of Christ Dear Editor, Thank you very much for the donation of running our ad regarding the start of our Sunday School for an additional week. I believe an additional “Thank you” also needs to be given for the reduction of the rate we were charged?! We are trying to get a little more exposure in the communities and thought the ad would be a good starting point. St. Paul’s UCC truly appreciates the generosity of your donation and thanks you! Blessings to you all, Dena Garland and St. Paul’s UCC congregation

Open letter concerning dispute with traffic ticket on Forest Beach Road To all parties, I am writing this open letter as a follow up to the original that I sent on 8-7-18 regarding the speed limit on Forest Beach Road and the ticket I received. It has now been one month since that letter was sent out and now I am frustrated and very disappointed that I have yet to receive a response from even one of the 13 people whom received my letter. It’s a shame that not one of the 13 people who received my letter had the decency or the common courtesy to even acknowledge my issue. I am most disappointed in Dave Brown, Dale Brewer, both editors and David Holgate publisher of the Herald-Palladium, also, Annette Christie of the Tri-City Record. All of you had some kind of input on this matter of the speed limit and the state law regarding it. You have either read about it, wrote about it or even published something about it. The only one who acknowledged me was John Matuszak of the Herald-Palladium whom I spoke with personally. He was honest enough to tell me that he did not know who to talk to or where to go regarding this matter and I appreciated that. I am informing everyone that I will not drop this matter nor will I just be pushed aside. I totally understand that you people are not lawyers, legal advisers or judges but you do have the ability to reach the people who can set this straight and I would greatly appreciate any help on this. Now with all that being said I may have no choice but to pursue filing a class action lawsuit with my lawyer against Berrien County Sheriff’s Office, Watervliet City Hall, and board of commissioners and any other parties that were involved mainly because of the fact that the 25 miles per hour speed signs that were put up were in fact illegal and unenforceable. I hope this matter can be resolved with me as stated in my original letter and if this is not settled I will have no choice but to pursue my lawsuit and open a can of worms that cannot and will not be closed. Finally, I am more than willing to meet with anyone regarding my issue. Sincerely, Scott Stanton, Watervliet

Local author has first book published, “The Magic Puppy” Dear Editor, My name is Chrissy Meek. Growing up, I had the privilege to live all across the U.S. from California to Florida presently settling in the delightful city of Watervliet, Michigan. In college I took up Communications and one way I chose to expand my knowledge was with writing, creative writing being my forte. I have always thought creative writing needed passion behind it. My huge passion is children. I have been blessed to take my love of children and writing and write for kids. I have two amazing grandkids and one super duper niece whom I wrote my first children’s book for. I continued my education and passion for children by becoming a Registered Behavior Therapist working with clients who have autism. This is one audience I can’t wait to read my book to. My first children’s book, and first book in general, was released September 18. The name of it is, “The Magic Puppy.” The moral take behind it is that everyone has something special about them. I have taken on the pen name of Caleigh Lee. My book will be sold on Amazon in paperback and digital. The hope is down the road it will also be available in bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, etc. I am honored to be scheduling book readings and signings already. Please check out “The Magic Puppy” and see the Magic for yourself. Chrissy Meek a.k.a. Caleigh Lee

The Therapeutic Equestrian Center needs volunteers The Therapeutic Equestrian Center (TEC) is seeking volunteers to assist with their programs. TEC has both weekly and occasional volunteer opportunities available. TEC has started their Fall Riding Session and are so excited to have new and current riders along for the ride. That is why TEC is in dire need for some volunteers to join their awesome team to help them continue to serve their riders. Anyone of the ages 14 and up can volunteer, no horse experience i