09-28-2017 Ewald Rodewald is turning 100; Community Soup & Salad Supper; Chapel Hill 38th Arts

Ewald Rodewald is turning 100; celebration planned at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

 Ewald Rodewald is turning 100 on October 10! Born in 1917 at home in Bainbridge Center, he has lived there all his life, except for his time in the service.

Ewald served our country during WWII in the Army from 1942 to ­1946. He attended Officer Candidate training and was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant; he served in the European theater of the war.

In October of 1940 Ewald married the girl he met in high school, Ester MacGowan and they shared 67 years together before she passed away in 2007. Ewald has a daughter Sherry and son-in-law Larry; three grandchildren Brad, Scott and Kimberlea and four great-grandchildren, Connor, Anya, Joehl and Josiah.

Ewald worked at J.C. Penney, was a farmer and mail carrier, and one of his first jobs as a teenage boy was in St. Paul’s sanctuary. He was paid 25 cents to pump the bellows of the organ for Sunday service. He sat behind a screen where he was out of sight and pumped for all he was worth. He said of the organist that she was a ‘good sized lady’ and her vigorous playing required lots of air from the bellows.

Ewald continues to be a faithful member of St. Paul’s and they wish him Happy Birthday!

They are celebrating Ewald’s milestone on Sunday, October 8 at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ. Morning worship at 10:30; lunch to follow at 11:30, the community is invited to join in the celebration at 1650 Bainbridge Center Road, Watervliet. Call Pastor Dani at (616) 232-7307 with any questions.

SIDEWALK REPAIRS… workmen of C and H Concrete of Coloma re-placed sections of sidewalk at 14 locations in downtown Watervliet earlier this week. The locations, most notably near the trees lining Main Street, were where the sidewalk was uneven and caused pedestrians to trip. Most of the work was to remove the uneven concrete and pour new. Tree roots that raised the sidewalk were cut back. Other work was grinding down edges of sidewalk that were higher than adjacent sidewalk. (TCR photo by Karl Bayer)

Community Soup & Salad Supper