10-01-2016 Letters and Commentary


NON-DEBATE HAD NO WINNER… “That’s no debate” rants Anne when we watch politicians attack each other in front of the cameras that puts them in the living rooms of millions of watchers.   Sunday night’s clawing matchup between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was not any better. The bitter adversaries set the tone by not shaking hands at the onset.   Most questions went unanswered as each attempted to verbally gouge the other with charges and counter charges. The moderators were nearly useless in keeping the “debate” on track and the “debaters” in check.   I told Anne that I probably would not watch the next one, and just wait for the morning news shows to rehash the bloodbath.   Anne went one better, saying not only would she not vote for that political hack Hillary, she would not vote for the sexist pig Donald.   I admit I havae had a certain fascination with Donald the past months. I love how he chopped up and spit out the professional politicians one by one until he was the last man standing on the Republican campaign trail.   His caustic sarcasm and willingness to say anything to keep the limelight on him worked well when manhandling his fellow candidates.   That worked well for the primary races; he was trashing his fellow candidates.   That same crudeness and rudeness as the Republican standard bearer for president is not sitting well with the voters that he needs in November.  He has shown his disdain and lack of respect for nearly every voting block in the country except possibly for the white male, super rich, radical right-winger.  Smirking Hillary Clinton just came off as the cat that ate the canary. She can lie from now to doomsday (and might) and still beat Donald Trump.    She is exactly the person many of us swore never to vote for (vote the INS out). She is a fat cat politician that has ridden the system for 30 years by making promises and cashing the check of lobbyists and the taxpayer.   The bigger problem is she is running against a bigger, richer, liar who is woefully ill equipped to be president.   Too bad she will be the first woman president; we might have deserved better.   Mr. and Mrs. Clinton will also be the first presidents that are married to each other. They may be the first presidents to have both been impeached.   It may be a long four years until there is a presidential candidate that will be a real bipartisan leader. Heaven knows who it might be; I doubt it will be any candidate that has stood on a campaign debate stage with Donald or Hillary.  TIME FOR THE F WORD… frost reared its cold head Monday morning in some spots of our region. The harbinger of worst things to come, frost is a good thing that drives away the insects that have been swarming around the back door and front windows waiting for a chance to get inside.   Frost triggers the color change in the leaves of trees, and makes the hummingbirds and butterflies head south.  It also triggers the feeding frenzy of fish, the spawning run of salmon and the rut in many animals that bear young in the early spring.   Around here, it stimulates the annual exodus of “snowbirds” heading south for the winter season. I already got a couple calls Monday from folks leaving their winter address change to keep getting their Record all winter long.   Happily the first few days of the week were warm and sunshiny even with the cool frosty mornings. Those couple of cold days in mid-week will give way to more warmth and sunshine for the weekend, the weatherman promises.

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