10-1117-2019 Schools news & calendars

PRINCIPAL’S AWARD RECIPIENT… Wanda Ward, student at Coloma Intermediate School, received the Principal’s Office Award on Oct. 4, 2019 for being a kind and helpful friend. Wanda is congratulated for being a shining example of how a respectful, responsible, and safe Comet acts! #cometpride

W-A-Y Watervliet High School September Students of the Month

Kami Reeves The W-A-Y program at Watervliet High School is proud to announce their first student of the month for September 2019 is Kami Reeves. Kami has been with W-A-Y for a little under a year and in the process has been steadily making progress. She comes to the lab almost every day which is a key component to her success. She also participates in choir and jazz choir at the high school. Over the past month, she has earned 1.6 credits! Kami is the daughter of Jenny Vincent and Robert Vincent. She also works at Easy Street as a cook and dishwasher. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, drawing, painting and fishing. After she graduates, she would like to go to college to be a cartoon artist. Kami has already been offered a scholarship to one college!

Marissa Roberts Marissa Roberts is their second student of the month for September. Marissa joined the program at the end of August and in that short amount of time, she has been earning credit at record paces. In September alone, she earned over three credits! She has done this by coming to the lab almost every day and submitting projects every day. She has been plugging away at Algebra even!

Cristeena Derrick Cristeena Derrick is their third student of the month for September. She also joined W-A-Y at the end of August. Since then, she has been earning weekly credit at a rapid pace! During September alone she earned over 1.5 credits. She comes to the lab often and works super hard while there. She always submits something when she comes in, and often more than one project. Cristeena is the daughter of Lisa and Paul Derrick. She is very involved in her church. In her free time, she loves to read. After high school, she wants to go to college. She plans to get a degree in some medical field. This has always been a passion of hers.