10-17-2019 Vendor selected for strategic planning at Watervliet schools, $15,000 bid accepted

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Vendor selected for strategic planning at Watervliet schools, $15,000 bid accepted

“They are considered across the country as the gold standard for strategic planning sessions,” Supt. Seager says

By Annette Christie Following action from last month’s Watervliet School Board meeting, the board moved forward with the selection of the vendor for the strategic planning process at their Monday, Oct. 14 meeting. Superintendent Ric Seager presented the proposals from all four of the companies that submitted a bid as follows: Hazard-Young-Attea Associates (HYA); EPIC Impact; MASB; and MGT Consulting Group. Seager said each bidder was asked to price out the scope of the project in the three phases, as to not tie the district into one vendor all the way through the process.

EPIC Impact submitted a quote for the first phase at $52,500, second phase $18,000, and the third phase at $10,500 for a total of $81,000; however, if the district was to select them, they would do all three phases for $75,000.

MGT submitted a proposal for the first phase at $43,504, the second phase $13,585, and the third phase at $20,595 for an overall total of $79,000.

The Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) submitted a proposal. Seager said that they have a lot of experience and a lot of happy clients. Their overall price was $7,300.

Seager said that the proposal from Hazard-Young-Attea was very detailed. “They are considered across the country as the gold standard for strategic planning sessions,” Seager said. Their proposal for the project is phase #1 $6,000, phase #2 $6,000, and phase #3, $3,000, for a total of $15,000 plus reimbursable expenses.

Seager was looking for either a motion to contract with a firm or for the approval to have one or all of them come to a board meeting and make a presentation on their proposal. After much discussion the Board opted to allow Seager to move forward with the company he felt comfortable with and to commit to either, one, two, or three of the phases, as well as the final phase which ties it all in together. School Board Member Eric Laws commented that he felt that HYA was the company they were looking for. Laws suggested that it would be OK to eliminate the MASB proposal and move forward with the other one. The board concurred.

Panther Pride Award program approved Seager announced that he would like to begin a Panther Pride Award program. He said, “There are so many wonderful people in this community, that do a lot of great work with our kids, we don’t hardly recognize their work or their help with our schools.” Seager suggested that each meeting he would bring someone up in front of the board recognizing them for their actions. The Panther Pride Individual and Group Award program was developed to recognize businesses, service groups, community members, parents, faculty, staff, and students who have provided exemplary leadership and service. Seager provided a draft of the nomination form and advised that it would be available on the website and/ or social media. The week before the regular board meetings, he would pick two or three to be honored at a board meeting.

Accomplishments worthy of a Panther Pride nomination should reflect outstanding leadership and/ or service and reflect actions that go beyond or above normal work, reflecting a deep sense of pride, ownership, and responsibility to the school community. “Panther Pride recipients should embody the values we hold dear at Watervliet Public Schools,” Seager said. With positive comments all around from the board, the program was approved.

Other business The board also appro