10-19-2017 Bainbridge Township amends policy on NSF checks, increases fee; Save the Sidetrack Cafe

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Bainbridge Township amends policy on NSF checks, increases fee

By Angela Stair

The Bainbridge Township Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting on Monday, October 9. Among the many items discussed was the growing problem of “non-sufficient funds” checks being returned from the bank during tax collection time.

Township Treasurer Nancy Weber brought to the Board’s attention the growing problem and expense of checks being returned during the tax season. This year there were several that had to be taken care of. The bank charges the Township $10.00 for each check that has been deposited and returned.

Treasurer Weber told the Board that the $10.00 charge from the bank did not cover the cost to the Township of her time that it takes to gather information, find the correct tax bill, and contact the residents to get the money due the Township. She suggested that an additional $25.00 be added to the tax payer’s fees for returned checks, bringing the total charge to $35.00 for non-sufficient funds.

Township Supervisor Bill Hodge stated that as treasurer, Weber has every right to ask for this fee to be charged. He indicated that in the Policy Book there is already policy covering the problem of non-sufficient-fund checks, but has not been put into use and a set fee is not present.

The Board discussed the problem and approved amending the Policy Book in section 4.3(e). A sample letter that would be sent to the tax payer explaining in detail the charges was tentatively approved with minor revisions. Treasurer Weber said she would notify the tax payers of the policy when the winter taxes go out.

Other business

The Board of Trustees re-appointed two members to the Construction Board of Appeals. Supervisor Hodge said he was able to reach Pat Iliff and Tim Ulrich, who are on the Board and they said they would sign on for another term, but he could not reach the third member, Jack Walter. The Board approved the re-appointment of Iliff and Ulrich for another term. The Supervisor will continue to try and contact Walter.

The Board approved the payment of $1,175.00 to Total Tree Care LLC for the removal of the dead tree at the Bainbridge Road Cemetery. The cost was $900.00 for the removal of the tree, $175.00 for the stump grinding, and $100.00 for the application of top soil where the tree had been.

Also approved was the quote by Slager Restoration & Sealants, Inc. for work to be done at the Township Hall. The amount approved for $750.00.

Approved were bills and payroll in the amount of $19.044.77. Bills were $9,500.68, payroll $7,855.17, and liabilities of $1,688.92.

The letter of intent from the law firm of Straub, Seaman & Allen, P.C. was tabled until next month as it had just been received prior to the meeting and none of the Board had been able to look it over. Supervisor Hodge said that as supervisor he should have time to look it and the proposed contract over, before a decision is made.

Supervisor Hodge reported that the Sister Lakes Fire Department indicated they had 12 calls for the month of October with two being in Bainbridge Township. One was a motor vehicle accident and the other was for a smoke investigation. Average response time was 8.33 minutes. He also mentioned that he would like the Board to meet with Sister Lakes Fire Department and Benton Township Fire Department to look at next year’s plans and contracts.