10-19-2017 Watervliet Middle School students show off websites; Keeler Township seeking recreation p

WHERE THE WATERS MEET, INDEED… Saturday’s deluge sent Mill Creek spilling over its banks and throughout Flaherty Park. The boardwalks buckled and the entire park was swamped. To the left is the creek, with the boardwalk to the right of the stand of trees. An estimated 7-9 inches of rain fell Saturday and Sunday in the region, flooding low lying areas and roads. Periodic high winds sent tree limbs and debris flying. Numerous power outages were reported, including Coloma, cutting power for several hours. (TCR photo by Kristy Noack)

Watervliet Middle School students show off websites

By Annette Christie

At the October 9 Watervliet School Board, middle school students in Mr. Grob’s class were able to show off their newly created websites. The students were given a selection of topics to choose from in the 21st Century Learning/ Projects Based Class and then were to create a website on that subject. In addition to school board members and school staff, many parents and family members were on hand to witness the website reveal.

Reegan McConnell and Lilly Lefor showed off their website on “Lyme Disease and the Fox.”  Throughout the website creation, the two were able to learn more about Lyme disease, the symptoms, statistics, and how the fox is actually helping to slow down the transmission of the disease. McConnell said that it took them about a week to create the website once they were given a topic.   Following the presentation, the work of the students was commended by the school board.

In other business, the board approved working guidelines with the food service employees and the transportation employees.  Superintendent Kevin Schooley explained that both of the employee groups were previously under a collective bargaining unit agreement between the district and SEIU. Schooley said that SEIU dissolved leaving these groups without an employee agreement.

Schooley said the agreement was mutually beneficial to both parties and contained much of the same criteria that were listed in their bargaining unit agreement.  There is no loss in wages or benefits and this document provides parameters and direction to the employees much like what was included in their bargaining unit agreement.  Schooley said that he worked with the group of employees to arrive at the guidelines that were presented.   “We have a good working relationship with them,” Schooley said.  “It is great that we could have group dialogue and come to a common agreement,” School Board President Bill Spaulding added. Schooley said that at the end of the school year, they will sit down again and talk about it to make sure that what they have is working.

Additionally, Schooley announced that the preliminary enrollment number for this year’s school year was 1,449 students. “This is close to our budgetary target so that is positive,” Schooley said.