10-25-2018 Letters and Commentary

Do we really want a state senator who has more ties to interests outside our own district?

Dear Editor,

In this year’s election we have seen an unprecedented amount of third party money being spent on all sides of the aisle. Unfortunately, our local state senate race has been no exception. In Kim LaSata’s quest to represent us in the Michigan Senate for the 21st District, she has taken in massive sums from the DeVos family and their pro-charter school front group, the Great Lakes Education Project. In fact, she has taken in more money from DeVos interests than any other state level candidate.

According to filings from the Secretary of State, the Great Lakes Education Project alone spent in excess of $30,000 to help her defeat state representative Dave Pagel. Conveniently, they reported spending only $5,172.66 before the pre-primary filing deadline. After voters had their say, a post primary report was filed showing an additional $26,125.12 spent.

One may argue that this kind of thing happens in politics all of the time but do voters in our district really want our state senator to be most expensive cog in the DeVos political machine? Do we really want a state senator who has more ties to interests outside our own district?

LaSata’s challenger, Ian Haight, has accepted no such contributions. Ian has run a people funded campaign focused on fixing our roads, lowering car insurance premiums, and lowering healthcare costs – issues that are actually important to all of us. I’d hate to think that further rolling out the red carpet for for-profit charter schools to crush the public teacher unions is actually a bigger priority for Kim LaSata than these issues.

James Tyler, Watervliet

A vote for Wendzel

Dear Editor,

I am strongly supporting Pauline Wendzel to be our State Representative. She is young, energetic, intelligent and intensely dedicated to Southwest Michigan.

I have known Pauline and her family for my entire life. They are farmers, business people, employers and workers. She understands what it takes to survive and prosper and has seen both great success and adversity in her lifetime.

Pauline has seen what government can do to help people and how it can also be wasteful and misguided and be a detriment to both individuals and businesses.

Pauline is a natural leader and organizer.  She networks easily and is a skilled team builder. Her ability to connect with people and build consensus is what we need to get things accomplished in Lansing.

Her dedication to Southwest Michigan will ensure that we get our fair portion coming back to build our area, our infrastructure and our future. She has strong principles but is pragmatic enough to realize that compromise is not a four letter word and that each victory, no matter how small, is still a victory.

Pauline is approachable, easy to talk to, listens well and really cares about what people have to say. I believe that she can take the varied opinions of the people in our district and represent us well.  I also think that she has the ability to see the bigger picture and trust her to make the best decision based on all of the information available and that is what a representative government is all about.

I trust Pauline. I trust her character and respect her family and upbringing. I believe that she will always have our best interests in mind and be a representative that our district will be proud of.

Please join me and vote for Pauline Wendzel for State Representative.

Deanna Heminger, Coloma

Oktoberfest raises $900 for local food pantry

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Salem Lutheran Church, we would like to thank The Tri-City Record, Coloma FOP, all the volunteers who worked or made food and all who attended and participated in our Oktoberfest fundraiser. A special thanks goes to Thrivent Financial for providing seed money to begin our proj