10-26-2017 Letters and Commentary


Harding’s accomplishes mission

Dear Editor,

I don’t have a soft part in my heart for Harding’s as some do. Their service is good for sure as long as they stay in town.

When I came home from the Navy in Feb. of 1963, Harding’s was breaking ground in Watervliet. At that time there were four grocery stores on Main Street, two small ones and two larger ones, Levertons and Wiesers. All the stores had their own personalities. Catholics would go to one, Protestants to the others mostly.

I thought to myself, there goes Main Street. And sure enough one by one the other stores dropped like flies. The two larger ones held out for a while but soon they closed.

It’s almost like Harding’s said “mission accomplished,” we’ve closed all the small stores now we can leave town. Like in Watervliet and Eau Claire.

I hope the one across the street from you stays. I love that place.

Vince Pratt

Trump tax plan is a scam

Dear Editor,

Donald Trump and his Congressional Republican accomplices are attempting to deceive the American people with a series of lies about their disastrous “tax reform” plan.

Trump has claimed that his plan would not benefit the wealthy. This is clearly a lie. Many analyses by non-partisan tax policy experts, including the Tax Policy Center, the Economic Policy Institute, and Americans for Tax Fairness, have thoroughly debunked this claim. The reports by each of these organizations clearly demonstrate that Trump’s plan would primarily benefit very wealthy people.

Trump has also claimed that his plan would primarily benefit the middle class. This is clearly not true. The Tax Policy Center found that households in the middle of the income distribution would receive an average tax cut of around $260, or 0.5 percent of after-tax income. Many lower middle-class taxpayers would actually see their taxes increase rather than decrease.

A cornerstone of the Trump tax plan is a drastic reduction of the corporate tax rate, from 35% to 20%. A recent report from Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers claimed that this corporate tax cut would increase the average worker’s pay by $4,000 to $9,000 a year. Many economists have demonstrated that this is a totally bogus claim. The non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities stated that: “The evidence indicates that the bulk of the benefits from a corporate rate cut will go to those at the top, with only a small share flowing to low-and-moderate income working families.” The report also demonstrates that a corporate tax cut that increases the federal deficit, as the Trump plan surely would, is very likely to harm middle class families.

Trump’s tax plan is a giveaway to the rich. It will not benefit middle class individuals or families, and may very well cause them harm.

Please contact Congressman Fred Upton and demand that he stop supporting this destructive, discriminatory, deceitful scam.

Larry Feldman, Lakeside

Help save the Sidetrack Cafe

The Sidetrack Café was established in March of 1988 by Marianne and Lynn Parker. This business has been an icon on Main Street in the Watervliet community for as a long as most can remember. It has been the conversation and gathering spot for the Watervliet community for decades and remains so today. This business is unique in that it has had the same family operating it since day one.

Now it needs help to continue to stay a community landmark!

In the early 1990’s, under the ownership of Mr. and Mrs. Parker, the establishment was remodeled with a new interior design, as well as a new façade adding small town charm with its iconic