11-08-2018 Watervliet Superintendent Schooley finalist for South Haven position; Midterm election

Watervliet Superintendent Schooley finalist for South Haven position

By Kristy Noack

Kevin Schooley, Superintendent of Watervliet Public Schools, interviewed Tuesday evening for the position of superintendent for the South Haven Public School district. Schooley, who has numerous ties to the South Haven area, was one of four first-round finalists for the position.

The South Haven Public Schools Board of Education announced Wednesday morning that Schooley was the only finalist asked back for another interview.

Following the second interview Tuesday, the South Haven Board of Education planned to discuss all four candidates and follow-up with interviews on November 12 and 13.

During his interview session, Schooley fielded questions regarding his evaluation of curriculum, student assessments, and teaching methods, as well as inquiries as to his management style, involvement in the community, and what sets him apart from the other candidates.

Schooley, defining what makes him different, said, “I think the most obvious is my experience. I’ve been a student custodian, a para pro[fessional], a teacher, a coach, a principal, a superintendent. That’s what sets me apart.”

Schooley also made clear his expectations of the staff that populate the district in which he serves. “You never hurt a kid, physically or emotionally. If you do, I will not have your back.” Schooley told the board that the job of the central office staff is to “take care of the people taking care of the kids.”

The Watervliet superintendent outlined a plan he would use to introduce himself to the district should he be offered the position. He detailed a strategy that included meet and greet sessions with parents, attendance at city council meetings, reaching out to Lake Michigan College and Van Buren Tech