11-14-2019 Tri-Cities blasted with first major snow of the season; 6-18 inches close schools; Water

BREAKFAST SALUTE… Veterans of all branches of American Services answered the 44th annual call to breakfast with Coloma school students on Veterans Day morning followed by a program featuring students in 4th grade. Pictured are the many Veterans who were in attendance, CHS National Honor Society students that served breakfast and Superintendent Dave Ehlers. (Photo courtesy of Coloma Community Schools)

Tri-Cities blasted with first major snow of the season; 6-18 inches close schools

By Jon Bisnett Monday, November 11, 2019 was not only Veterans Day, but was also the beginning of a powerful one-two punch Mother Nature dished out all across Southwestern Lower Michigan. We Michiganders usually prefer to ease into the inevitable winter. But that was not to be the case as unheard of overnight lows in the lower 20s combined with an initial shot of 2-4 inches of system snow compounded by a second wave of inch an hour pace lake effect snowfall fell overnight Tuesday.

All four local schools were closed on Tuesday, along with all of Van Buren County and most Berrien schools along the lakeshore. All this comes while most of us hadn’t even gotten out the shovels or given the snow blower a preliminary test pull! Keeler Township reported in with a whopping 18 inches of snowfall in 48 hours, while most of the area saw anywhere from 6 to 12 inches.

Tri-City Area residents find themselves among some 200-plus million Americans that will experience record lows for this early November arctic blast says the Associated Press. From Pierre to Poughkeepsie, Pittsburg to Panama City; records are being smashed across the majority of the nation. Hundreds of flights were cancelled or delayed in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, while a United Airlines passenger jet slid off an icy runway without injury at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Monday. Tuesday’s overnight low is expected to be below 10 degrees with a high of not even reaching 30. A bit of a warming trend will push the thermometers back up a touch on Friday and Saturday, with what might seem like a full-blown Hawaiian shirts & Bermuda shorts heat wave as the weatherman promises high temps in the 40s for the upcoming weekend! In any case, winter has most certainly arrived with a vengeance. Above all, stay warm, allow additional travel time, check on the elderly and be sure to load up on those precious commodities – milk, eggs & bread! That’s Pure Michigan!

Gordon Banasik turns 90!

Watervliet School Board announces First Panther Pride Award

By Annette Christie The inaugural Panther Pride Award was given at the November 11, 2019 Watervliet School Board meeting. Superintendent Ric Seager just last month announced that the Panther Pride Individual and Group Award program was developed to recognize businesses, service groups, community members, parents, faculty, staff, and students who have provided exemplary leadership and service.