11-16-2017 Coloma Commission reviewing contract for Ordinance Officer; Watervliet Holiday Open Hous

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Coloma Commission reviewing contract for Ordinance Officer

By Christina Gelder

The subject of hiring an ordinance officer once again came up briefly at the Coloma City Commission meeting on Monday, November 13. Mayor Jim Polashak said that he had not had time to look over the contract drawn up by the attorney and needed time to do so before voting on it. Commissioner Jason Hicks agreed and made the motion to table the issue until the next meeting.

Commissioner Julia Smith said she had reviewed the contract, which was written to be an employment contract for an independent contractor, and that “it seems fair on both sides.” Commissioner Smith went on to say that she will likely vote in favor when the time comes.

Commissioner Hicks asked Sieg Freitag, who is the intended contractor, if he had a copy as well. He said that his lawyer is reviewing it and he will get back to the commission with his thoughts on it before the next meeting. “This has been put off too long as it is,” said Freitag.

City Hall holiday closures

It was approved to close City Hall on December 25 and 26 this year. The 26th is because Christmas Eve is on a Sunday and that is considered a holiday for the employees. It was also suggested by Roseann Clements that instead of New Year’s Eve, which is also on Sunday, they float that holiday to President’s Day on February 19. This would keep them in line with the county and allow them to be open on the last business day of 2017 which is generally fairly busy. They will also be closed on Monday, January 1, 2018.

The approved closures boiled down to December 25 and 26, 2017, January 1, 2018 and February 19, 2018.

Downtown Development Authority looks for help

At a previous meeting it was announced that the DDA was interested in hiring someone on a part-time basis who would be able to help them in accomplishing their objectives within the city. The candidate they had in mind for this position is Larry Nielsen who is retired from this line of work and comes with a vast knowledge base.

He met with the DDA, the Mayor and a couple of commissioners recently. After doing so he wrote a letter to Rocky Bertuca that he did not think the DDA and the Commission were on the same page and he did not see their relationship working very well long term. The letter was available at the commission meeting.

Given the chance to speak at the meeting, Bertuca said that he is hoping the city and the DDA can work together better on some upcoming projects. Commissioner Marsha Hammond spoke up in defense of herself, identifying herself as the commissioner referred to in the letter. She said that she would’ve appreciated the respect of sitting down and talking about what she did that made him think that, because she does not know. There seemed to be some confusion over whether Mr. Nielsen was there just to “meet and greet” or for an interview.

The issue was not discussed much further and after the meeting Bertuca confirmed that they are still hoping this might be a good fit for them and will be looking into it more.

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