11-19-2020 Watervliet Public Schools Foundation’s “I’m in For Twenty” Campaign; Hartford Town

Foundation seeks to support Watervliet Public Schools with “I’m in For Twenty” Campaign

By Joshua Coffin

The Watervliet Public Schools Foundation for Excellence met for their inaugural public meeting on the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020. The foundation’s meeting was held as a teleconference and informed the public of their mission to support Watervliet Public Schools. Board members Barry Nilson, Barb Schofield, Rebecca Yazel, Angelene Conkin, and Watervliet Superintendent Ric Seager all attended and presented at Tuesday’s meeting. The foundation’s central purpose is to provide the means for improvements within the classrooms of Watervliet, such as giving grants to teachers or other projects for internal school developments. It was founded in January of 2019 when founding members adopted a set of bylaws and elected a board of directors and officers. Later that year, it officially became a nonprofit with the state of Michigan, and since then became a government recognized charitable organization. The Watervliet Public Schools Foundation for Excellence is the second of its kind in the Tri-City area and joins the Hartford Public Schools Foundation for Quality Education in local foundations supporting its schools.

Their current campaign, “I’m in for Twenty,” is the foundation’s response to help Watervliet schools during the global pandemic. The goal of the campaign is to have 1,000 people donate $20 to the foundation, thus raising $20,000 for school improvements, particularly in providing Internet connections to students and teachers in need. All donations are tax deductible. As COVID-19 has caused many recent school closures, the foundation is primarily focused on providing funds for mobile hotspots for a number of students’ and teachers’ Internet usage as some of Watervliet’s schools make the switch to virtual learning for the second time this year. The need of these mobile hotspots comes from a lack of accessible Internet for a portion of the school district, both teachers and students alike. The school system has already purchased over 200 units this year for distribution to households and has already spent $27,000 in the purchases and service fees at this time. Without these hotspots, many students would not have access to the same level of education as their peers that have access to the Internet. At the time of the meeting, the Watervliet middle and high schools are in virtual learning, though the time may come where the district would fully close and the need for the hotspot devices would only increase. “This is a desperate time for us in terms of being able to provide Internet for our students when they are relying on that to be able to engage with us,” said Ric Seager. Seager mentioned that there are 34 students in Watervliet Public Schools that had intended to enroll this year but they have been unable to contact them. “What we’re trying to do is … keep our kids connected. Ultimately, that’s what this is about. Keep our kids plugged into school, plugged into the support systems that are here in the community for them. Plugged into people that want to educate them and talk to them and help them overcome the challenges they’re facing. That’s what we’re trying to do,” he said. As we currently live in a subset in the age of the Internet where many of our connections are required due to a global pandemic, The Watervliet Public Schools Foundation for Excellence is working persistently to make the education process a bit brighter for the students and teachers working through these times and to make a better future for the schools.

To join the “I’m in for Twenty” campaign and for more information regarding the foundation, visit wps-foundation.org.

They can also be found at their Facebook page: facebook.com/Watervliet-Public-Schools-Foundation-for-Excellence-112095164040648.

ARTFORD HIGH SCHOOL… Students of the Week for Nov. 9 13, 2020 are: (top left) 9th Grade – Adrian Gargus, student of Monica Uvalle; (top right) 10th Grade – Sandra Cortes, student of Ernesto Cortes & Martha Anguiano; (bottom left) 11th Grade – Janet Francisco, student of Octaviano Francisco & Isaret Perez; (bottom right) 12th Grade – Ariana Birkhead, student of Angela Gendron & Kevin Birkhead. Congratulations to these “Students 0of the Week” and keep up the great work!

Hartford Township appoints Board of Review members

By Anna Layer

Thursday night, Nov. 12, at their regular meeting the Hartford Township Board agreed to appoint Randy Kime, Bob Kilborn and Doug Meachum to the Board of Review, each for a two-year term beginning on January 1, 2021. The board also agreed to appoint Jason Meachum as an alternate for the same two-year term.

The Hartford Township Board of Review is a local committee within the township of Hartford to hear and receive appeals from township taxpayers when annual assessments disputes occur. Board of Review members and alternates have to attend at least one training session during the course of the term. The Michigan Township Association will offer the online trai