12-10-2020 Hometown Holiday Happenings

MERRY CHRISTMAS… was shouted by Santa & Mrs. Claus (John & Nancy Spoula), driven by WFD on Saturday night, December 5, in downtown Watervliet. Many children waved and posed safely with Santa including this cutie Elle Eastman with mom Brianna Eastman of Watervliet. (TCR photo by John Oliphant)

WATERVLIET WAS MAGICAL… Christmas lights, music and even some snow set the mood for this wonderful outdoor Hometown Holiday! (TCR photo by Josh Coffin)

OUTDOOR HOLIDAY BAZAAR… was full from start to finish. Pictured is Kelsey Griffith. Some 16 vendors participated and some profiting over $500 during the 3-hour event. (TCR photo by Josh Coffin)

MANNEQUINS ON MAIN STREET… came to life in 11 windows on Saturday during the Hometown Holiday event including this pair, Marleigh Schultz and Abby Whorton at Watervliet Hardware. Some of the other windows where “Christmas on the Beach”, “Reindeer School”, “Flo’s Diner”, “Haircuts in Whoville”, “Celebrating Blossomtime”, to name a few. (TCR photo by Josh Coffin)