12-12-2019 Letters and Commentary

Sidewalk spectators were treated to the Live Mannequins Saturday evening in the store windows from 7-8:30. With no bias, TCR Managing Editor Amy organized the event, and then made the Record building a gathering place with a chiminea wood fire and hot chocolate. Thanks, as well to Wyatt and Madison Wagner for posing as a newspaper editor and a newsboy in our window display. By 7:30 and the lights in the store window winked out, Big Ben and the Burly Boys were rocking at Arclight Brewery. Adding to the pleasure of hearing our music favorites played locally was seeing Grandson Benny sitting in with the band. Sunday truly kicked off the Christmas season with Santa Claus paraded into town, the lighting of the community tree, the crowning of the snow prince and princess and culminating with all the youngsters meeting with Santa.

DON’T CALL ME HONEY… I got Anne a Pomeranian puppy for Christmas. As that is something that can’t be precisely scheduled, I gave her the gift a week ago. We have had dogs, on and off throughout our marriage. They have all been great pets. The last two, Katie and Rosie were with us a long time. Since Rosie left us, the debate has always been for and against getting a new dog. Anne wanting a puppy for daytime companionship. Me wisecracking that I was all the pet she needed. Daughter Amy Loshbough had been scouting for a likely puppy for awhile and reported to me (confidentially) four weeks ago that a litter of Pomeranians had been born and would be ready for adoption in a couple weeks. I gave the green light and all was set as a surprise. Then when all the stars lined up and the sun was shining, Amy and Granddaughter Elaina Marchenko brought the tiny, 6-week-old puppy to our home. It was a great and happy surprise to Anne. As the puppy had not been named, Amy and Elaina had called it Honey Bear on the ride home. It fit the puppy’s coloring and demeanor. Anne liked it and so did I. Two weeks are almost passed and Anne and I are nearly trained by “Honey”. We let her out when she wants to, feed her three times a day, hand out treats when she’s good, and we place toys, shoes, and towels within her reach to pull and chew on. Anne is a bit more advanced than I, probably because she has all day to work on training. The puppy and I are at loggerheads regarding her name. Up to now, I was the only critter in the house called “Honey”. The four-legged Honey responds to the name well and seems to know when treats, food, and walks are offered. That “Honey” disregards the name when suggestions are addressed to me as in “Honey, can you take Honey outside”. I have gotten my “Honeys” confused at the call for meals, treats and take out the trash duties. Those that know such things suggest that it may be too early for a name change and to give the situation a little more time. That’s all right with me. There are a few sobriquets that I still answer too, including Sugar Pie and Mr. Wonderful.

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