12-26-2019 Life by Candlelight kids program at N.B. Historical Museum, Jan. 2

MUCH APPRECIATED… The Coloma LEO Club recently presented two appreciation certificates along with gift cards to John Willming (center left) and George Hopf (center right). Both men have dedicated many hours of work and time to the Coloma School District. Hopf is the crossing guard at Coloma Intermediate in the morning and afternoons of school days making sure students are safe going to and from school. Willming has spent many hours putting up flags for the baseball and soccer fields. He also decorated the concession stand with seasonal lights on McDaniels Field as well as announces at many sports events. The Coloma LEO Club is very thankful for these men and wants everyone to know how much they appreciate what they do for their community. On the far left in the photo is Lisa Streu, Leo Club Advisor.

Life by Candlelight kids program at N.B. Historical Museum, Jan. 2

Most people take for granted that they have electricity in their house. But what was life like for people who lived over 100 years ago in a time before homes were powered by electricity? On Thursday, Jan. 2 at 1:00 p.m., the North Berrien Historical Museum in Coloma will feature a children’s program which will illustrate what life was like in the home during wintertime as the daylight hours grew shorter. Activities will include hand-dipped candle making, writing with a quill by candlelight, and using wax to seal a letter. No RSVP is required for this free program, which is recommended for children ages 6–12. The North Berrien Historical Museum is located at 300 Coloma Avenue. Please contact peter@northberrienhistory.org with any questions.