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A broken budget

Last year, Lansing Democrats spent every dime of our historic surplus on a budget that totaled more than $ 80 billion – record-high state spending. This year, the budget passed by House Democrats isn’t balanced with federal dollars; it’s balanced on the backs of hardworking Michigan families.

Last year, I fought to preserve a desperately needed tax cut for Michigan citizens. The shell game Democrats tried to play failed, and thanks to Republicans standing strong, Michigan residents received more than $714 million in tax relief. I believe that relief is permanent, and so does the former governor who signed the bill and legislative leaders who wrote the bill.

Unfortunately, lawsuits filed by Lansing Democrats claim it was a one-time tax cut, not permanent relief to help families who are struggling with rising grocery bills, pain at the pump, and utility bills that are set to double thanks to Democrats’ Green New Deal. This fight is playing out in court, and Legislative Democrats passed a budget assuming they’d win the case and that your taxes would go up.

This recent budget eliminates desperately needed tax relief and raises the cost of living on every hardworking Michigan family, senior, and small business. Additionally, the Democrat-passed budget raids the pension fund of our teachers to the tune of $680 million so they can afford more frivolous spending on bigger government bureaucracy and permanent programs that never go away.

On the House floor, Republicans offered more than 300 amendments to make the budget balanced, affordable, and provide relief to Michigan families. Every single one, all 300, were shot down by tax-and-spend Democrats.

The people of our state are speaking loudly and clearly. They’re hurting, they’re struggling. Thanks to high inflation and fiscal irresponsibility, the cost of everything in their daily life is increasing. As your voice, I’m fighting to protect your paycheck, put more money back in your pocket, and improve our economy so hardworking people can get ahead. This budget is fiscally irresponsible, it raids the retirement fund of our teachers, and it hurts Michigan families by raising their income tax. I voted no and will continue fighting for you and your family every single day.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or need help with any state agencies please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 517-373-1799 or at


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