Working to modernize the federal trade commission

 Jobs and economic opportunities today are closely tied to innovation and technology. Utilizing big data, innovation, and hard work, we are able to create the jobs of the future, and the economic growth that comes with those jobs. Government should not be an obstacle in this effort. Outdated rules and an unpredictable regulatory regime are huge impediments to real, bottom-up growth. This is why the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which I chair, is set to vote on a package of five bipartisan bills this week that work to bring innovation-friendly reforms to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). It’s time to modernize the FTC for the 21st century realities facing our economy.  During the past year, our Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade has held a series of hearings to help us understand how federal policies help and hinder the growth of emerging technologies. Our series examined dramatic innovation within various industrial sectors and helped shape many of the bills we will be considering. Taken together, our package of bills seek to reform the FTC to make it more transparent to consumers, businesses, and better address emerging issues related to cutting-edge technology.  At the Energy and Commerce Committee, we have long been dedicated to working on common sense legislation to modernize the federal government for the innovation era, protect jobs and encourage economic growth, and defend consumers and investments in new technologies.  The thoughtful solutions we will look to advance this week do just that and more. By modernizing the FTC for the 21st Century and putting innovation first, we will greatly benefits folks right here in Southwest Michigan and across the country.  To learn more about this and other important legislative issues, please visit my website:

State Budget continues to limit government growth

 Over the last five years, my colleagues and I in the state legislature have had to face many difficult decisions in seeking to rebuild Michigan into a state where all residents have the stability and opportunity they need to prosper. Central to achieving this goal is an efficient state government that responsibly handles

2017 state budget done

 Budgets are about priorities, and the 2017 budget continues our efforts to improve government efficiency while providing vital services to residents. An education is critical to success, and I am proud to support another increase to our K-12 schools while also paying down more than $1 billion in legacy costs, allowing more dollars to go into the classroom. We are also enhancing our efforts in


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