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Disability Network Community Education in February

Disability Network Southwest Michigan continues to serve customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Community Education events will continue to be offered as live, interactive, on-line presentations throughout the month of February.

A complete list of upcoming workshops with links to more details can be found on their home page and the events calendar on the Disability Network Southwest Michigan website at The following is a list of online educational events being presented during the month of February:

Webinar: Disability & The Media - The media people consumes shape their collective understanding of disability. In this workshop, media portrayals of disability will be discussed, how they may contribute to stereotypes, and how everyone can move toward more respectful, authentic representations of disability in the media.

Webinar: Know Your Rights - This webinar is an overview of laws protecting people with disabilities. It’s important to know your rights. In this live webinar, the laws that protect people with disabilities in the areas of Employment, Housing, Public Places/Access, Voting, Transportation, and Education will be discussed. The information in this workshop is intended as an overview for the purposes of advocating for your rights, the Disability Network is not providing legal advice.

Web Movie: Becoming Bulletproof - This documentary follows a group of men and women with disabilities who come together to star in a unique new western film in which they have the leading roles. The film focuses on a nonprofit organization that assembles troupes of disabled and non-disabled actors to produce films. When the group decided to make its first-ever western, Michael Barnett, the documentary’s director, trailed them to produce this film.

Disability Network Southwest Michigan is celebrating their fortieth anniversary this year. Founded in 1981 by a small group of disability advocates, Disability Network educates and connects people with disabilities to the community resources they need to live independently and advocates for social change. Disability Network’s advocacy work is focused on creating communities that value disability as human diversity, free of attitudinal barriers, where all people benefit with full access and inclusion. Learn more about Disability Network Southwest Michigan at

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