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I once heard a recording of Paul Horn playing his flute in the Taj Mahal in India. I admired the echo’s pure tones. The Taj Mahal is uniquely designed with an elliptical shape. An ellipse is like a flattened circle. The circle has one center; the ellipse has two “foci”, two focus points. To trace an ellipse, hammer two nails on some surface, like a plywood sheet, then loosely connect them with a string tied to each. Use a marker, tracing a line all the way around while keeping the string tight. There! An ellipse!

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לא היה ניתן לטעון את התגובות
נראה שהייתה בעיה טכנית. כדאי לנסות להתחבר מחדש או לרענן את הדף.
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