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Finding yourself in the puzzle

My opinion doesn’t matter. At least not when defining the truth. One opinion is as useless as another for that. Any opinion and two bucks will get you a cup of coffee many places. So if our opinion doesn’t matter in determining the truth, what does matter? Facts matter. Interrelated facts give evidence of the truth. They don’t create truth; they help discover truth. Science discovers truth not by scientists’ opinions, but by repeatable evidence. It’s like a 1000-piece picture puzzle. Spread out on a table, the many pieces seem disassociated from one another. But thankfully there’s a picture on the box cover to guide our efforts. I might want to place a certain piece in one spot, but it doesn’t fit. In my opinion it should fit there. But my opinion doesn’t matter – it doesn’t fit. It goes somewhere else. Check back with the picture.

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