Seeing new realities

When a well-planned and in-the-bag ambush of the Israelites failed miserably, the king of the Arameans was convinced that there must be security leak in his inner circle. He called his advisors together to grill them. “OK. Who is it?” he demanded. They respond that the intelligence leak was not them, but Elisha, a prophet of Israel that tells openly what the king discusses very privately. “Go get him!” says the king. And they send out a huge force of soldiers and chariots to capture Elisha.

It’s a peaceful morning in Dothan where Elisha and his servant were staying. When the servant opened the door to go outside, the usual birds were probably singing and there was the familiar sound of the nearby brook. A beautiful, breezy morning. But raising his eyes, surveying the surrounding hills, he discovered he was not alone. The city was surrounded by Aramean troops and chariots!

Dropping his bucket and running back inside he frantically informs Elisha, and fearfully asks, “What are we going to do?”

What would I do? Board the windows! Lock the door! Hide under the bed! Try to dig a hole! Get the spears! All pretty futile, and not very helpful. But Elisha, not given to despair, prays. What does he pray? Get rid of those Arameans? Hide us? Put up a wall? Make us invisible? None of that. Instead, Elisha prays that God would open the eyes of his servant so he could see that “Those who are with us are greater than those who are with them.” Then the servant saw the chariots of fire dwarfing the Arameans. He was no longer fearful. The account can be found in the Bible in 2 Kings, chapter 6.\

The “AHA moment” is when we focus on God’s faithfulness no matter how the circumstance looks. There is more than what we see. Fear looks around. Faith looks up.


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We choose what we believe. We base our choice on complicated webs of logic, reason, relationships, and experience that are unique to us alone.

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