01-11-2018 Tri-City Area Sports


AQBs perfectly predict Roll Tide victory in National Championship Game

By Kristy Noack

The college football season ended on a perfect and exciting note as the Alabama Crimson Tide eked out a 26-23 victory in overtime over the Georgia Bulldogs.

Smart money, like all six of our Tri-City Record Armchair Quarterbacks, bet on the Tide, but a lot of football fans were hoping for a Cinderella ending for the ‘Dogs, especially after they held a 13-0 lead at the half.

The National Football Championship game was the final contest in the college football season that our AQBs had to face.

For the last 20 weeks, six local football fans from Coloma, Hartford, and Watervliet have been tasked with predicting the winners of high school, college, and professional football games.

Additionally, they were asked to predict the total points scored in a special contest selected each week. If two or more AQBs ended the week with identical records, the tie-breaker game would be used to determine their place in the standings. Whomever more accurately predicted the total points scored in the special game would receive the higher place on the docket.

This week, RoxAnn Rodney-Isbrecht, Tim Hildebrand, and Bryan Conrad picked their way to 4-1 records. Their place in the standings came down to the college title game.

With 49 total points scored, Rodney-Isbrecht claimed first place with her 44-point guess.  Hildebrand took second with his 46-point prediction. That left Conrad in third; he foresaw 75 points being scored.

Rodney Lynch and Chris Leach both ended the week with 3-2 records. So, the numbers game continued.

Lynch landed in fourth place as he predicted 44 points would be scored. Leach moved into fifth place with her 61-point guess.

Greg Krell was the sixth-place finisher with a record of 2-3 for the week.

Overall, Lynch held onto the top spot in the contest with a 113-44 overall record. He had a three-game lead over second-place Rodney-Isbrecht. She gained a game on Lynch and currently holds a 110-47 record.

Hildebrand maintained his grip on third place overall with a 104-53 record.

Things were shaken up in the lower half of the rankings. Conrad jumps to fourth place overall with a 97-60 record. He gained two games on Krell and one on Leach to overtake them both in the standings.

All knotted up in fifth place are Krell and Leach. With 96-61 records in hand, the duo will battle it out next week to see if the tie can be broken.

With high school and college gridiron seasons complete, the ‘backs are tasked with predicting winners of professional games only. Here are the divisional matchup games:

Atlanta @ Philadelphia

Tennessee @ New England

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh

New Orleans @ Minnesota

The tie-breaker game will feature plenty of beaks and feathers. (It’s the Falcons at the Eagles).

With seven games left in the season, time is running out to make any major moves. Can Lynch hold onto the top spot again this week? Check back to find out!