04-27-2017 Letters and Commentary


Thank you

Dear Community of Watervliet,

 Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am for the opportunity to represent my hometown as not only Miss Watervliet 2017, but also as Miss Blossomtime 2017. This experience is like a fairytale. I cannot wait to fulfill my duties as your queen, and I am so honored to have a bigger impact on this community. However, without the support from caring individuals I would not be blessed with this opportunity.

Therefore, I would like to especially thank the Watervliet Pageant Organization for not only supporting me, but also for preparing me for the role of being a queen. In addition, I would like to thank my chairperson Angela Widdis, the Loshboughs, the Richcreeks, the Yazels, Karlee Liles along with her family, and my own family for all their support. Also thank you to the Morlocks for the gifts you sent me before the Blossomtime pageant. Thank you to all my court members and their families. I am looking forward to the year I will get to spend with you all. Again, I am so blessed that I was chosen to represent the community that I love. Thank you all for the support. I hope my reign makes you all proud.


Kaylee Chapin

Miss Watervliet &

Miss Blossomtime 2017

Van Buren County bond issue

Dear Editor,

Having been a Van Buren County Commissioner for 18 years representing Bangor, Hartford and Keeler townships and the City of Hartford, I’ve become aware of some problems with our departments physical locations. We have three departments that are operating in basements, the courthouse, the annex office building and the administration building. As most people that have a basement know, humidity is a problem and is present in our basements. Also these departments are extremely short of space for their workstations. There are also safety issues of getting out of a basement in an emergency.

Along with the previously mentioned location issues it has become obvious with society’s aggressiveness, that we have safety issues that need to be addressed. This became tragically apparent after the shooting and killing of deputies in Berrien County. Our courtrooms have some serious safety issues that will be solved with the proposed building plan. The county employees and the general public that frequent our county building deserve a safe environment to carry out their business.

Another part of the bond issue is an intake addition to the jail. We need continuous visual coverage for prisoners in order to protect them from self-harm. The new addition will assure the deputies have the necessary coverage for the prisoners.

With these facts in mind I would ask for your support in the bond election May 2 with a YES vote.

Thank you for your attention.

Richard Freestone, Bangor

Thank you

Dear Editor,

To our family, friends, and members of the community who came out to support the Coloma High School Band and Choir programs at our annual Dinner & Jazz fundraiser, thank you and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Coloma Band & Choir

Red Cross urges blood donation during Trauma Awareness Month

 During Trauma Awareness Month in May, the American Red Cross urges eligible donors to help ensure lifesaving blood is available for patients with traumatic injuries and other serious medical needs by donating blood.</