05-04-2017 Letters and Commentary


God gave me the best mommy

Dear Editor,

I would like you to know just how special my mommy, Leah Dibble is. When I was born I was a big surprise to my mommy because I was born with Down syndrome. My mommy couldn’t be happier though, she told me I was the little boy she always wanted and she knew I would always love her. My mommy has made sure my Down syndrome will never limit me. She takes me to all of my Miracle League sporting events like baseball, basketball, bowling, soccer and pageants. Every year my mom raises money for the Michiana Down Syndrome Association and we participate in their yearly walk.

I hate it when my mommy has to go to work but she always tells me “mommy has to go to work to buy you toys and candy.” The best part is that she always does. When mommy is not working we are always doing something fun. She takes me to the bounce house, Sky Zone and my favorite Chuckie Cheese. She always has time to play my favorite game Pie Face with me or spray silly string.

Last October my mom and I had to stay in the hospital because I was sick with Leukemia. My mommy has never left my side since I was diagnosed. The days aren’t always fun and I can’t do all my favorite things at the moment but my mommy knows just how to make everything better and fun. Even though my journey has just begun I know it won’t be that bad because God gave me the best mommy.


Timmy Dibble

Deserves “Mother of the Lifetime” award

Dear Editor,

Here is a woman that has had five kids back in the 60s and 70s. The family has grown to a bunch of grandkids and a few great-grandchildren.

Over the years her middle son was always a loaner or felt like an outcast, mostly because of my views on how she lived her life. I’m 47-years-old now; I left my mother’s home when I was about 12-years-old.

With little contact for years, that again through my feelings it turned into no contact for almost the next 20 years. Mom always tried, every year I would get messages on my birthday telling me she loves me and I’ll always be her son. Every Christmas she would try to get me back into their lives.

She also never stopped trying to have a relationship with her grandkids from me. Unfortunately my children followed my lead and also treated her; well let’s say not like a grandmother.

Looking back I can’t believe how much I must of hurt her and my dad, let alone my siblings.

This year mom and dad had their 51st wedding anniversary then dad got sick. When I got the news how bad he was I was not ready for my reactions. I completely lost it, the thought of my father not knowing how sorry I was for all the pain I’ve caused them.

I did get to see him; I can only hope he heard my apology. At the same time I knew I could not cause mom or anyone else in this family any more pain.

As for the contest, mom never blinked when I first seen her after all the years, welcomed me with a kiss and open arms and the motherly love that she has always done her very best to give all her kids.

She turned 70-years-old last week; was able to come to her granddaughter’s wedding last week.

After what I’ve put her through I don’t know if I could of done the same.

We may not always agree with how some people live but I’ve learned the hard way, we are not here to judge them, no more than I would like them to judge me.

I think Babette Sullivan not only deserves to win your contest but also the mother of the lifetime award.