05-18-2017 Letters and Commentary

My mother is my hero

Dear Editor,

My dad worked long hours seven days a week. My mother did the majority of the work at home and raised three children. She also took care of her mother’s needs.

She woke up early and stayed up late. Without her selfless dedication to her family and her organizational skills, she couldn’t have consistently accomplished so much for so long.

She once told me she didn’t like to say “I love you” because you need to show your love by how you treat people. I was amazed she never said those words. Her love has always surrounded me.

She can’t do everything she once did, but the same love and devotion shines out of her eyes whenever she looks at one of her children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren. My mother’s legacy is what she leaves her family: wisdom and advice.

We are all very blessed to have Sophia Watkins in our lives.

Sue Stewart, Coloma

Upton’s vote for American Horrible Care Act was immoral

Dear Editor,

How can anyone still vote for Fred CorrUpton? It’s remarkable that this guy still gets votes! I mean, I can understand his family members voting for him, but anyone else? Even in light of his legislative favors to corporations (in direct opposition to his tens of thousands of constituents), and his backing of vouchers which removes vital funds from public schools, and his completely unethical objection to Campaign Finance Reform; it’s a mystery to me how his votes manage to get above single digits.

But now, I challenge anyone (especially CorrUpton) to adequately justify flipping his vote from being against the Republican’s American Horrible Care Act (AHCA) to supporting it! If Robin Hood wrote legislation, this would be the exact opposite of what he’d write. It’s painfully obvious how immoral this Republican plan is.

It not only takes $1 Trillion from patients and gives it to millionaires, but if it were to pass, more than 20 million people would lose their health insurance. A 2009 Harvard study found that 45,000 people die every year when they lack health coverage. That’s 123 preventable deaths every day! In terms of deaths, it’s worse than a 9/11 happening every month! There’s a reason why nearly all major medical associations are disgusted with this plan – it is immoral.

CorrUpton totally lied to us, claiming he’d protect people with pre-existing conditions (a quarter of the non-elderly population). But his measly $8 billion amendment won’t come close; his bill will undoubtedly physically, mentally and financially stress such unfortunate people; including aging people. Does he expect everyone to be young and healthy forever?

For over five years now, Fred CorrUpton has refused to discuss healthcare and other issues directly with his constituents in a proper town-hall setting. Instead, he resorts to answering pre-selected questions on the phone to avoid his answers being challenged. Apparently, he’d rather challenge his constituents to survive.

Damon Wolf, Benton Harbor

No wake zone

Growing up in Philadelphia, I would sometimes visit the Jersey shore. Spend