05-28-2020 Tri-City Area Sports

Watervliet Press Box by John Oliphant

What could have been: Panther Baseball 2020 Watervliet is tentatively planning a belated high school graduation ceremony for Friday, July 24. The hope is to have a regular graduation in the stadium, weather permitting. Naturally, the school will be following any virus-related restrictions in place at that time including social distancing. This is the smallest graduating class in several years so hopefully the crowd is proportionally smaller and everyone fits comfortably. Panther stadium appears large enough for everyone to spread out as much as necessary. Meanwhile, here’s a look at what would have been the 2020 Panther baseball team. Holding true to form for all the boys teams this year the Panthers field just three seniors, six juniors, two sophomores and two freshmen. Although young, this is a talented team that had a good chance to repeat as district champions. Pitching for the Panthers this year were senior Cole Pline, sophomore Andrew Chisek, junior Josh Reeves, freshman Tyson Williams, senior Jordyn Angelo, and senior Dylan Tucker. Pline and Chisek were key pitchers last season and looked to lead the staff. Angelo and Reeves would have pitched plenty of innings as well. The outfield would be patrolled by a speedy group, including junior Logan Duscha, junior Garett Hotovy, senior Dylan Tucker, and junior Dylan Lawson. Junior Evan Hutchins returns to his role as catcher, joined by junior Caleb Bell. First base would be manned by two guys with very long stretches, Pline and Lawson. Angelo would be working at second base, along with sophomore middle-infielder Ethan Fish. Shortstop will be covered by Chisek and Fish, while third base duties fall on freshman Bryton Cockrun. Chisek and Angelo were certain to be a potent double-play combination. Next week is a look at the 2020 softball team.

Coloma Press Box By Dave Vollrath

Coloma senior girl soccer players recognized The Coloma Press Box this week would like to honor Comet senior lady soccer players, who also had their final season as a Comet get yanked out from under them by the COVID-19 virus. These four ladies were part of the girls team who, last year, won Coloma’s first ever district soccer tournament. They all were looking toward making another run, and not only winning another district but making their run last a few games longer.

Hannah Guntz is an all-around Coloma Comet athlete who is very competitive, and says she was extremely disappointed when she first heard that the season and school year was ended, back in early April. Hannah says, “We took districts last year, and I was hoping we could make it farther this year.”

Samantha Trousdale, another senior Comet soccer player, tells that in spite of the bitter disappointment of not being able to take the field once again with her tremendous teammates, her senior year was still filled with making new friends, and stepping out of her comfort zone and getting more involved with a variety of activities. Samantha says she has been playing soccer for about 12 years, starting when she was 5-6 years old, and always loved the game. She also says she was surprised at how quickly the four years of high school seemed to have flown by. Samantha has also competed on the Comet Competitive Cheer team.