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COLOMA 10U SOFTBALL… The Coloma 10U girls All-Star softball team had a fantastic tournament season. They won the Hartford All-Star championship and came up just short with two runner-up finishes. Team members are (from the left): Front row – Karsyn Jacobs, Callie Crisenbery, Bethany Rose, Madison Marfia; Middle row – Lizzy Hardin, Aislin Henagan, Lila Groendyk, McKenzie Harris, Tatum Arend, Bristol Stewart; Back row – Coach Jacobs, Coach Crisenbery, Cambell Kirby, Jaidyn White, Coach Stewart, and Coach Champion.

Coloma Press Box By Dave Vollrath

Coloma 10U boys’ baseball completes All-Star season in Allegan

The Coloma 10U boy’ baseball All-Star team had one last tournament this last weekend, July 13-14. This tournament was not typical of the format which these boys have been playing and competing at all year. This age group has been still hitting off of the pitching machine, which they have been since they finished with t-ball several years ago, as well as their All-Star action this season has been. However, the Allegan tournament would test their readiness for what will be coming their way next season as they begin to face live pitching.

The 10U team has had a really good All-Star run since the end of the regular season. They won the Berrien Springs tournament, and finished as runners-up in the Hartford and Lakeshore events.

This would be a new test for them, as there is always a certain comfort level in knowing that the pitching machine is geared to throw strikes, and you only need to worry about hitting the ball near the same location on each pitch. However with live pitching, if you know any baseball at all, once it leaves a pitcher’s hand the ball could go anywhere, including at the batter. So there is a little bit of a fear factor involved. No one likes getting hit by a baseball. But the most fun, for most players, is hitting the ball. Also, this would be the first time they had to have pitchers prepared to stand out on that mound and throw strikes, and get the other team out.

Head Coach Josh Groendyk did have his team well prepared for their new trial, as they came right out Saturday morning swinging the bats and scoring runs. Each pitcher in this first game threw very well for the most part, as they rolled to a 26-0 victory.

For their first foray into a new world of baseball, they competed very well on all fronts. The pitchers threw well and the batters hit the ball consistently up and down the order. They finished the weekend with two wins and two losses, and were the number one seed coming out of their bracket. They played for a chance to move to the championship game.

Even though they lost that game, and their final game, it was apparent that these young men will have no problem transitioning into the kind of baseball they will be playing starting next year. The one thing that doesn’t change is the defensive side of the ball. This team can make all the plays in getting outs and in keeping the other teams from scoring.

The highlight of the weekend came in the game Sunday morning against Wayland, when these young men made one of the rarest plays ever in baseball on any level, they turned a TRIPLE PLAY. The game was tied after the 4th inning 4-4, when the Coloma pitcher walked the bases loaded. But after scoring one run to take the lead, and the bases still loaded, this inning and the game could have gotten away from them. However this team is very knowledgeable and very well coached. The next batter hit a line drive which was caught by second baseman Dylan Groendyk for out number one. Dylan threw the ball home where the catcher Aiden Hampton caught and tagged the runner at the plate for out number two. Aiden then threw the ball which was misplayed a little but the right fielder Maysen Hess alertly backed it up and threw to second where short stop Jarrett McCoy tagged out the player trying to advance to complete the triple play. It was very exciting to watch, and really pumped up the fans, as the team sprinted off the field.

CAUGHT STEALING… Coloma 10U All-Star shortstop Ethan Schelling puts the tag on a sliding Wayland player, after taking the throw from the catcher. The Coloma All-Stars played very well going 2-2, at the Allegan Tournament July 13 & 14. It was their first tourney facing live pitching. (TCR photo by Dave Vollrath)

This group however was playing in their fourth tournament in four weeks, and it was very apparent that they were running out of gas. The rough schedule and the heat of summer were taking its toll on them. They lost to Wayland 8-5, which sent them into the game for 3rd place where they once again faced Saugatuck. They lost this contest and finished the tournament in a respectable 4th place.

Saturday’s two games were a 26-0 thrashing of Saugatuck followed up by a 12-7 win over the host team, Allegan. The leading hitters for Coloma versus Saugatuck on Saturday, were Brody Ashley with two singles, Dylan Groendyk with a double, Carson Coble was 4-4 and scored three runs, Brady Carlson had three singles, Maysen Hess had a single and a triple, Dylan McCoy had two singles, Ross Smothers had three singles, AJ Moore had three hits including a double, Jarret McCoy scored three runs, Jaylin Vawter had a hit, Ethan Schelling scored two runs, and Aiden Hampton had two hits including a double.

In the second game in Saturday’s win against Allegan, Dylan Groendyk and Jaylin Vawter each had two doubles.

Most everyone on the team had a chance to pitch at some point over the weekend, and for the most part did what you need to do most, and that’s to throw strikes.

Looking toward next year, this team appears to be stocked with talented athletes, and well prepared to continue their process in someday becoming solid varsity baseball players.

Coloma 10U girls’ softball All-Stars shine bright

The Coloma 10U softball All-Star team coached by Tony Jacobs has completed their tournament run. They had an outstanding season. The girls earned their way into the championship game in all three of the tournaments they entered. They won the big trophy in the Berrien Springs tourney and finished as a very respectable runner-up in the Coloma and Hartford tournaments.

Team members are Karsyn Jacobs, Callie Crisenbery, Bethany Rose, Madison Marfia, Lizzy Hardin, Aislin Henagan, Lila Groendyk, McKenzie Harris, Tatum Arend, Bristol Stewart, Cambell Kirby and Jaiden White. Coaches are Head Coach Tony Jacobs and assistant coaches Brenda Crisenbery, Jason Stewart, and Marshall Champion.

There will be a more comprehensive recap of their fantastic season, in next week’s Tri-City Record. Please be sure and check it out.

Press Box Player of the Week

By John Oliphant

Our Press Box Player of the Week is Watervliet All-Star Olivia Camp. Olivia had a great regular softball season, batting .571 and going undefeated on the mound with a perfect 4-0 record. When she wasn’t pitching, she was the team’s catcher.

Olivia was a member of the 12U girl’s All-Star softball team, where she batted .583 and led her team to several wins. Her coach, Cory Edelberg says, “Olivia is a great kid who plays hard the whole game. She works hard in practice and wants to get better. Olivia is a great kid to coach.” He also said she’s a very good catcher with a strong arm.

But, that’s only half of why she was chosen this week. Alternating weekend tournament schedules allowed Olivia to also play starting catcher for the boy’s 12U All-Star baseball team. On defense she was adept at throwing out runners attempting to steal bases and had several key hits to move runners and score runs. She was behind the plate for every inning of every one of the baseball tournament games. Coach Nick Prince said she was as good and tough as any player on the field, sometimes catching three games a day in all that catcher’s gear during the hot early-summer weather. Hopefully she takes a break for the rest of the summer because she’s certainly earned it after all those ball games.

She is a rising star at Watervliet, and will be a seventh grader at Watervliet Middle School in the fall.

Hartford Prress Box By Jerrod Birmele

As summer comes roaring into Hartford, with heat and humidity the name of the game this week, the athletes of Hartford are busy sitting at home, and likely, in the air conditioning or the pool with friends and family!

However, the sights and sounds of Indian Athletics will be returning before we know it, and this week’s Press Box is dedicated to letting parents, or guardians, of athletes know about a new, required initiative the Hartford Athletic Department is taking to make it easier to complete athletic registration forms online.

Are you ready to find out more information about this – and maybe have some of your questions answered in the process? Without further ado, it’s time to open the door to the Press Box and jump right into the highlights of all things Indian Athletics!

Hartford Athletic Department partners with FinalForms

Starting this fall and beyond, the Hartford Athletic Department is taking a step towards being more digital and organized. That’s because the Athletic Department is requiring all Hartford student-athletes to be registered in their new, online registration system.

The Athletic Department has partnered with FinalForms, an online form and data management service. FinalForms allows parents, or guardians, the opportunity to complete and sign athletic participation forms for student-athletes online. In addition to making it easier for administration to have digital records, it will be just as easy for those registering their athletes to participate in Indian Athletics.

That is because FinalForms saves data year-to-year, meaning that the information will never have to be entered more than one time. In the words of inventor Ron Popeil, “you just set it – and forget it!” However, once per school year, the account holder (parent / guardian) will have to log-in and verify the information is current and sign the participation forms. So, it is imperative for adults to set some sort of reminder to ensure that these forms are completed in a timely manner.

To access the site and register your student-athlete, or athletes, make sure to go to https://hartford-mi.finalforms.com. When you get to the website, there are three different options on the main screen, but most should be concerned with two: Parent and Student. Parents will need to create a new account, with a current valid e-mail address. That is because you will receive a confirmation e-mail from FinalForms, and create a password to access that account.

The Athletic Department is assisting parents / guardians that will be using this program by offering a few simple tips to make sure the process is streamlined and easy to use:

Tip 1: Bookmark the website listed above or save it to your desktop on your computer or mobile device. This is because an online search in the future will not take you directly to the Hartford site.

Tip 2: Have the required information available as you begin the process. This information includes, but is not limited to: Medical History / Health Information, Insurance Company Policy Numbers, Doctor, Dentist and Hospital Information. By having this information before hand, it will make the registration process time that much more efficient.

Tip 3: Parents / Guardians will have to fill in their student-athlete’s e-mail address. FinalForms does require that the student’s school e-mail address, which uses the schools naming domain, be used. This can be obtained by asking your student-athlete, or is usually their last name and first initial @hpsmi.org. They will then have to check their e-mail for information on how to complete their section of the registration form.

Tip 4: More information can be obtained by downloading the Parent Playbook. The Parent Playbook is a beneficial tool that will help with the entire process. That information can be downloaded by going to https://hpsathletics.org/library/files/hartfordhighschool_bigteams_17530/files/Hartford%20parent%20playbook.pdf. Tip 5: Parents / Guardians are reminded to please download the Sports Physical form off of FinalForms. You will need to take that with you when you take your student-athlete to the physician’s office when they have their yearly physical.

The Hartford Athletic Department appreciates everyone’s assistance and support in streamlining their paperwork process. If you have any further questions, you may reach out to either Athletic Director, Nick Blackmer or to Athletic Secretary, Jordan Parker.

As always, GO INDIANS!

Watervliet Press Box by John Oliphant

Important dates for Watervliet sports

Hey there Watervliet athletes and parents, summer is halfway over and it’s time to mark your calendars at home or enter fall sports dates in your online calendars. The first practice for high school football, boys soccer, and cross country is scheduled for Monday, August 12. The first practice for high school volleyball and cheer will be Wednesday, August 14

The fall parent/athlete meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 20, at 6:00 p.m. in the high school gym. This meeting, covering all the fall sports, will allow parents to meet coaches, complete additional forms, and get detailed practice and game schedules. Coaches will also discuss student expectations, participation rules, and more.

The fall sports picture day will be Friday, August 23, between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.

New on the calendar this year is the first annual Fall Sports Panther Community Volunteer Day. This event will allow student-athletes to help with various jobs around the city and gives the students a chance to give something back to a community that fully supports their sporting efforts. The Volunteer Day will happen on Friday, August 23, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The fall middle school sports schedule also begins prior to the first day of school, with the start of football practice scheduled for Wednesday, August 21. Cross Country practice will start on Wednesday, August 21, and volleyball will have their first practice on Monday, August 26.

If parents have questions about summer workouts prior to the official start of team practice or wish to learn more about practice locations and start dates you can call the Watervliet Athletic Department at 463-0733.

Sports physicals

All Watervliet Middle School and High School student-athletes must have a current physical form on file in the Athletics office before trying out, practicing, or participating in any sport. This form must be based on a physical exam performed on or after April 15, 2019. Fall sports include volleyball, football, cheerleading, boys soccer, and both boys and girls cross country.

For students who have not had their sports physical yet, please see your doctor soon, or St. Joseph High School will host one additional sports physical clinic this summer. The last clinic is scheduled for Wednesday, August 7 at 5:00 p.m. at St. Joseph High School. The fee for the exams is $30 for an individual athlete or $45 for a family with more than one athlete. All Watervliet Public Schools student athletes who need a physical exam are invited to participate. Please complete parent portions of your MHSAA physical form prior to attending. Forms are available at www.mhsaa.com, or at www.watervlietps.org under the heading “Athletics Forms”.

Watervliet grad signs with Monterey Amberjacks

Last week we told you about 2015 Watervliet graduate Ashton Holdridge pitching for the Capital City Reds in upstate New York, and it turned out to be a short-lived job. Right after the press deadline Ashton signed on with the Monterey Amberjacks, an independent professional team based in Monterey, California.

In his first pro action on Saturday, Ashton was slated as the starting pitcher against the Wasco Reserves and proved to be a great pickup for the Amberjacks. In six innings he racked up eight strikeouts while giving up just one hit, a walk and one run, holding the Reserves scoreless for the first four innings. The Amberjacks went on to win the game 6-1, giving Ashton his first win in his first outing.

Ladies Monday Night Happy Hour Golf League

July 15 Golf Report from the Paw Paw Lake Golf Club:

Weekly Event Winner – Katherine Rodriguez with 4 one-putts; Fun Night Winner – Sandy Johnson; Low Gross – Cheryl Hutchins with 47; Low Net – Cheryl Hutchins with 34; Low putts – Cheryl Hutchins with 16.

CLAIRE FLETCHER… AYSO 613 Soccer U10 Division Sportsmanship Award presented June 8. Coach Casiano commented that Claire always played in any position that she was asked, gave her best effort and always went after the ball and also made sure to be at every practice and game.

ANDREA ORTEGA… AYSO 613 Soccer U10 Division Sportsmanship Award presented June 8. Coach Wagner commented about Andrea that she has shown great growth since the beginning of the season, was always willing to help with whatever her coaches asked and gave 110% of every game and practice.

AARON BARBOZA… AYSO 613 Soccer U10 Division Sportsmanship Award presented June 8. Coach McDonald commented of Aaron that he was always smiling, was the first to congratulate his teammates, and never had a negative comment to say and was always trying his best.

EVAN SCHADOWSKY… AYSO 613 Soccer U12 Division Sportsmanship Award presented June 8. Coach Olivo commented that Evan always was complementary to his teammates and he has an awesome attitude and a great work ethic.

ALEX SORIANO… AYSO 613 Soccer U12 Division Sportsmanship Award presented June 8. Alex played under the direction of Coach Mejia.


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