08-01-2018 Letters and Commentary

Students benefit from the support of the Gene Bednarowski 5K Cherry Run-Walk

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your generous support of our event and the scholarship that it funds. Many deserving students have benefited from it, and, thanks to the efforts of those like you, many will continue to.

Aaron Weber, Chairman

God bless you for your kindness

Dear Editor,

Thank you for supporting Real Heroes USA and Real Heroes Initiative Project. Your generous contribution will serve America’s veterans and their families, with dignity and honor.

Your articles sure do help us to make people aware of what we do.

Lori Olejniczak

Roddy Glenn, Chairman

Heather Metz Memorial Garden

Dear Editor,

I would like to publically thank North Elementary School staff members, Melissa Valenti-Stibal, principal Joe Allen, artist Christopher Frank and all the wonderful students, teachers, family and friends who helped create the beautiful painted rock pathway in memory of our daughter, Heather Yetzke Metz.

Our amazing daughter left her earthly home on December 17, 2017 after three and a half years battling ovarian cancer. She taught fifth grade at North since 1998.  She loved her students and teaching in general. She attended Watervliet schools from kindergarten until her 1992 graduation.  She was influenced by many of her teachers to become a teacher just like them, to make a difference in her student’s lives.

After seeing the outpouring of love through this beautiful rock display I feel that she did make a mark on this school.

She saw the idea for a rock path a couple years ago and wanted to make one, but she was too sick. We were thrilled to hear from Melissa that she wanted to fulfill Heather’s dream. Christopher, who is our former neighbor, was perfect for laying out the design and he painted the beautiful center stones (plus many others).

Joe Allen and Kurt VonKoenig did a fabulous job prepping the area under Heather’s classroom windows and lining up the masons. We were overwhelmed with all her coworkers who helped set the rocks.

It is truly a heartwarming treasure our family and friends will enjoy for years to come. Her twin sons love it and loved pointing out pictures that “Mommy” liked.

Thank you again to our local community.

Marge Yetzke

(John and Chad Yetzke,

John, Xander, and Jack Metz)