08-08-2019 Police and Fire Reports

Police and Fire Reports By Annette Christie

Keeler Township Fire & Rescue Department The Keeler Township Fire & Rescue Department will be hosting their annual Hog Roast event on Saturday, August 10, 2019 from 4-8 p.m. It will be held at the Fire Station/ Township Hall located at 64121 Territorial Rd. W., in Hartford. For the month of July the department had 17 EMS calls and seven fire calls. Five members of their department participated in the Van Buren County training for a mass casualty incident.

Van Buren County Sheriff – Keeler Township coverage Van Buren County Deputy Raymond Hochsprung has been very active in increasing the township’s code enforcement activities. He said that several letters have been sent regarding weed and zoning violations, to which they are awaiting compliance deadlines. In working with the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Animal Control deputies, they have issued several citations for dog law violations. Hochsprung’s totals for the month of July are as follows: five criminal complaints; seven general assist complaints; one traffic complaint; four assists to other agencies; 14 code enforcement activities; 49 property checks; two misdemeanor arrests; and three traffic stops.


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Police & Fire Reports

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