09-21-2017 Tri-City Area Sports

RoxAnn Rodney-Isbrecht picks perfect in week 4 AQB predictions


Kristy Noack

RoxAnn Rodney-Isbrecht returned to her true form in week four as she picked a perfect mid-September record on the football field. Rodney-Isbrecht won the week and moved up from the cellar position in the overall rankings.

Six local football fans compete weekly in the Tri-City Record Armchair Quarterback contest. They are tasked with selecting the winners of a mix of eight high school, college, and professional football games. Their records are tabulated weekly and, at the end of the season in February, the winner will win a snazzy TCR AQB ball cap.

One game is specially selected as the tie-breaker game each week. Contestants must predict the total number of points that will be tallied in that contest. The tie-breaker game is used to determine the players’ ranking if two or more are tied.

With a perfect 8-0 record, Rodney-Isbrecht led the weekly pack.

Chris Leach, Tim Hildebrand, and Rodney Lynch posted 7-1 records, so their standings came down to the Notre Dame/ Boston College contest. The two teams combined for 69 points scored.

Leach moved into second place, as she predicted 56 points would be scored. Lynch took third with his 55-point guess, and Hildebrand finished fourth after he reported a 39-point contest.

Greg Krell went 6-2 this week to earn a fifth place weekly finish. Bryan Conrad’s 5-3 record put him in sixth place for the week.

Overall, Krell maintains his lock on first place with a 28-4 record.  Hildebrand and Lynch remain knotted up, tied for second place overall with 26-6 records.

Leach is now tied in fourth place with Rodney-Isbrecht, who moved up from sixth place overall. The duo holds 25-7 records. That leaves Conrad in sixth place; he has a 23-9 record.

This week the big game on tap is Notre Dame versus Michigan State. That game will be the tie-breaker.

As for high school games, our local teams continue to fare well. Hartford and Coloma are 3-1, and Watervliet remains perfect at 4-0.

Here are the games on this week’s docket:

Constantine @ Coloma

Hartford @ Decatur

Kalamazoo United @ Watervliet

Michigan @ Purdue

Notre Dame @ Michigan State

Wagner @ WMU

Atlanta @ Detroit

Pittsburgh @ Chicago

How will our awesome AQBs handle these head-to-head, tough contests? Find out next week!

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