10-31-2019 Tri-City Area Sports

Coloma Press Box By Dave Vollrath

Comets win big in season ending rivalry against Watervliet, 56-6

This rivalry football game between two small-town schools, separated by two short miles, goes on as it has for about 110 years. There were no undefeated seasons on the line, no playoff opportunities for either side, no big records that could be broken, but just like always, this is a game that will never be about nothing. It will always earn the winner the bragging rights for another year, until the game is played again next year.

The bragging rights for this year belong to the Comets, who came to Panther Stadium with both teams looking for their third win of the year, and now can brag to their family and friends on the other side that this year “we got ya”. And they got them big, by a final score of 56-6.

DANCIN’ DOWN THE SIDELINE! Michael Dancer, a Coloma receiver, took a short pass 19 yards down the sideline, which help set up the first Comet touchdown on Friday, Oct. 25. Dancer caught two passes in the game, and had an interception on defense, helping to defeat Watervliet 56-6, in the annual grudge match between these two Red Arrow rivals. (TCR photo by Dave Vollrath)

The Comets and their totally revamped offense that was instituted in week seven by Coach Joe Stephens has been rolling up some very impressive offensive numbers. There was little that the Panthers could do to slow them down.

Coloma took the opening kickoff and drove down the field and scored on an 11-yard run by Kenyon Boyd, his first of three scores. Following Noah Schwanke’s 2-point conversion the Comets led 8-0. They tacked on another touchdown in the 1st quarter, as Boyd plunged in from two yards and the Comets took a 14-0 lead into the 2nd quarter.

Quarter number two is where the game really got out of hand, as the Panthers committed numerous turnovers that either stopped their own drives deep in Comet territory or gave Coloma the ball in favorable field position. Coloma took a 22-0 lead following a 12-yard TD catch by Noah Schwanke, and a Michael Case 2-point conversion.

NICK HAS POSSESSION… Coloma Comet defender, Nick Santarlas, dives on a fumble by the Panthers, deep in Comet territory, stopping a Watervliet drive. The Panthers turned the ball over four times, as the Comets went on Friday to defeat Watervliet 56-6. (TCR photo by Dave Vollrath)

The Panthers then drove down the field mostly on the young passing arm of freshman quarterback Tyson Williams, and capped that off by a 3-yard sprint to the pylon by Jordan Abney. The 2-point conversion failed and Watervliet trailed 22-6.

The Comets followed with three runs for over 45 yards by Case, and a 3-yard touchdown run by Case. On the next possession the Panther quarterback threw the ball into the waiting hands of Coloma linebacker Jackson Hodges, who ran the interception back 17 yards for another Comet touchdown. Following the ensuing kickoff the Panthers immediately lost another fumble to Coloma that turned into another Comet score, as Case threw a 26-yard pass to Nick Santarlas for the TD. The three Coloma scores in less than two minutes pretty much salted the game away as the t