11-02-2017 Tri-City Area Sports

Hildebrand climbs one game higher as AQB contest completes week 10

By Kristy Noack

Tim Hildebrand is making all the right moves in the Tri-City Record Armchair Quarterback contest. He is gaining ground on his fellow competitors and now leads the group by two games.

Each week six local football fanatics match wits with each other in their effort to predict the winners of eight high school, college, and professional football games. The AQB with the best record following the NFL’s Super Bowl in February wins a snazzy TCR ball cap.

Records are tabulated weekly, and should two or more AQBs’ predictions result in a tie, one game acts as the tie-breaker.

The tie-breaker game is specially selected each week, and the AQBs must determine how many total points will be scored in that contest. If two or more ‘backs have an identical weekly record, the tie-breaker game is used to determine their place in the standings.

This week, Hildebrand guessed best; he posted a 7-1 record to win the week.

RoxAnn Rodney-Isbrecht and Rodney Lynch predicted their way to 6-2 records and their place in the standings came down to the tie-breaker game between Hartford and Vermontville Maple Valley. Our hometown Indians lost 26-7 in the playoff game, giving us a 33-point total.

With his 44-point prediction, Lynch takes second place for the week. Rodney-Isbrecht guessed 56 points would be scored in the game and moves into third place.

Greg Krell and Bryan Conrad tallied even 4-4 records, so their placement in the rankings came down to the tie-breaker game as well. They both predicted 59 points would be scored, so they tied for fourth place.

Chris Leach had a 3-4 record, which left her in sole possession of sixth place.

Overall, Hildebrand added a one-game cushion to his previous pad and now leads the contest by two games. He holds a 61-19 overall record in Week 10.

Rodney-Isbrecht and Lynch kept pace and remain knotted up in second place. Both hold 59-21 records.

Krell fell two games this week into fourth place where he stands with a 57-23 record.

Leach and Conrad are tangled up in fifth place with 52-28 records.  Conrad gained a game, while Leach lost one.

This week, the high school playoff picture is winnowing for local teams. Watervliet and Lawrence will hit the field in 11- and 8-man play, respectively. Here are this week’s games:

Delton Kellogg @ Watervliet

Lakeshore @ Battle Creek Harper Creek

Lawrence @ Bellevue

Minnesota @ Michigan

Penn State @ Michigan State

Wake Forest @ Notre Dame

Detroit @ Green Bay

Atlanta @ Carolina

The Panthers take their 10-0 perfect season record into play against Delton Kellogg at home Friday night. Can the Panthers go 11-0? That is the TCR AQB tie-breaker game of the week. Be sure to be in the stands come Friday night. Go Panthers!

One trick earns Busch sweet treat

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