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11-08-2018 Apple Crunch Event! Coloma students count

Apple Crunch Event! Coloma students count

Apple Crunch is a statewide celebration of Michigan apples! Coloma Elementary & Intermediate students participated in a statewide celebration that will count the number of people that are biting into a Michigan apple on October 23, 2018. By participating in this event they are supporting Michigan farmers, which in turn support the Michigan economy. Apples are a great pick-me-up snack that nourishes your body and mind. On October 23 they all enjoyed a Michigan apple on National Food Day! Food Day is a nationwide celebration and movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Since 2013, thousands of schools across the country participated in Food Day! These local students joined thousands of other students in 2018 and celebrated with them. Bags of apples were delivered to classrooms with their breakfast by the kitchen staff. The apples were passed out to the students and they waited for the announcement when to bite into our Michigan apples and enjoy!

ONE, TWO, THREE BITE! These are some of the Coloma students that participated in the 2018 Apple Crunch Day on Oct. 23 to celebrate Michigan apples and healthy eating. Pictured (from the left) are: Front Row – Ashjen Swearengin, Keylan Rodriguez, Lillie Weaver, Angaleana Gales, Brayden Olger, Ethan Edwards, Daniel Zandarski; Middle row – Mark Smith Jr., Pandora Bullock, D.J. Rigozzi, Xavier Pompey, Amir Holliday; Back row – Michael Rasmussen, Lillyann Eves, Ryann Axsom, Sammaya Harris, Saul Segura-Galvez, Juanita Goben.

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