12-22-2016 Letters and Commentary

THANK YOU… to all that contributed to the Tri-City Angel’s winter coat collection and toy drive for local needy children.

The response was phenomenal. I am sure many more hearts were touched by the generosity of so many folks.

NEARLY BALMY… is the weather this weekend compared to Monday’s three above zero registered in the Tri-Cities. This was preceded by snow that started just after Thanksgiving and has continued to pile up. There is nearly two feet of snow on the deck at my house.

Tri-City Area students got two or three snow days and Monday’s North Pole weather closed some schools and businesses. Many youngsters enjoying a “snow day” spent it on the big hill sledding in Hays Park.

Hopefully the higher temperatures will make for plenty of outdoor fun for all over the Christmas Holidays.

CHRISTMAS TRADITION OF 40 YEARS CONTINUED… this is the 40th year I have published my Christmas column as being a part of the Bayer Christmas.

Every year I seriously consider not printing it.  This year I even started another column figuring if I ran my traditional Christmas offering for the 40th year I would want to make it to the 50th anniversary. Then a niece sent this picture of my mom and dad at the end of Christmas Day 1952. Totally exhausted they are asleep on the sofa surrounded by gifts left in place by their ten children. Three more are yet to come bringing us to the Bayer 13! There are nearly 270 of us now.

I am moved to continue this column in honor of my family and especially to that loving and exhausted couple that started it all and who taught us it is always better to give than to receive.


This week’s column is my annual repeat of the original written in 1976, my first Christmas column as assistant editor of the Capac Journal. As it happens, it is also the only Christmas column I have ever written. With a few annual changes, this column just works for me.

For some years, I had the intention of writing a new holiday column. After all, I’ve had and enjoyed many new Christmas memories. Now having grandkids Willy, Karli, Ben, Elaina, Zoya, Polly, Evie, Eli, and Kendall to share those memories and to create new ones is something truly wonderful.

This year our great-grandson William Harold Loshbough V joined the clan. Born just before Thanksgiving, he joins the four newborns to the family this year.

After all, what is Christmas without being surrounded by children, family, and friends?

My own warm, bittersweet memories of Mom and Dad; my father-in-law, Nubbs; dearest mother-in-law Elaine; and the kids and family get-togethers on Christmas morning blend with those that were in my he